The Signs of Cheating in The Marital Relationship

August 4, 2012 by woody45  
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You can’t simply accuse them of cheating without evidence. This alone could very well destroy the marital relationship or even allow them to lie and utilize your lack of proof to really control the situation as well as you personally.

Certainly no one really wants to believe that unfaithfulness in the marital relationship will happen to them. That’s something that happens to movie stars, politicians and even acquaintances of yours but never you.

But at this point in time your own instinct is letting you know that your marital partner is being not very forthcoming regarding their comings and goings. Not just that but when the two of you are together you get the feeling they are a million miles away.

Of course relationships can easily get into a predictable routine. Both individuals take certain things for granted because the other individual has always done whatever was necessary to uphold their part of the marriage contract.

But now the situation is completely different. You believe that your mate’s loyalties and desires are someplace else. specifically with somebody else.

You can’t just accuse them of fooling around without evidence. This by itself could wreck the relationship or even enable them to lie and utilize your shortage of evidence to thoroughly exploit the situation as well as you personally.

Therefore even with the following signs of cheating in marriage be careful. Use them as markers in order to continue your investigation not as excuses to to have a showdown with your significant other.

1. Overtime Work

This really is one of those telltale indications of infidelity. Your significant other could very well be working late hours. Things are tough economically so if the boss is offering an opportunity to make a few extra cash then by all means go for it.

Just make sure that it’s shows up in your mate’s pay envelope. In the event that they refuse to show you their paystub or make some excuse as to why the amount of time they supposedly worked isn’t reflected then you may be right about what is going on.

2. Enhanced Solitude

It is hard to carry on unfaithfulness yet still maintain the openness of the marriage. Something has to give and this typically takes the form of your wife or husband making a wall in order to keep all visitors out. In this case this means you.

Your spouse disappears to other areas of the home as soon as they receive a phone call or even whenever they sign in to the laptop. Speaking with them about an issue other than household obligations (and sometimes not even that) becomes more and more difficult. They could at the same time start locking up many of their own personal belongings while previously no such barrier existed between the two of you.

3. A Whole New Individual

Needless to say in some way or another wife and husband should try to grow not only together but as individuals. Yet unforeseen changes after they showed no interest before indicates something or more specifically someone has influenced them to change their ways. You need to know exactly who the person was.

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