The Problems and Reasonings of Family Life

October 26, 2013 by Rezaul Karim2  
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Preservation of our family way of life- requires to fight with problems and solving it in time and prudence.

Husband, wife and children – that is the most natural grouping for welfare, comfort and stability. All we can do is adapt ourselves to them.  The enemies of the peace and tranquility take shapes in many names and colors…

Economic worries:

Some persons will say that most family disruption stems from financial and economic causes. Families are of course, particularly vulnerable economically. They are economic partnerships. They spend a lot of money. But while economic matters are important in family life, they do not rate top billing. Persons with unstable personalities can quarrel as readily over money matters as about anything else. Those who make sure to keep equable temperaments can adjust themselves to really trying economic problems. Let’s not take the easy way out by using budget difficulty as a peg on which to hand responsibility for a breakup.

Approaching marriage:

The approach young people make to marriage is a big feature about success in family building. Marriage is not something that is covered in a ceremony; it is not something in which success is assured if the young people have the same background, traditions and economic status. It is not guaranteed success by books, movie made conceptions of married life, or anything else of a casual or superficial nature. The only thing that works effectively toward successful marriage is kinship of ideas and ideals. No blind faith in romantic love will serve, though this is a hard to erase social fiction. There are no short cuts towards success in marriage.

Preparation for marriage involves all threat pertains to emotional maturity, and it means – here is the rub- socialization of personality. These two persons have to live together for many years, and over the course of time it is basic personalities that count. If, at the bottom of a person’s reality, there is a spirit of philosophy made up of one part ideals and two parts tolerance for another person’s ideals, then there is much better hope for a happy outcome of many years of living together than if the proportion is reversed. If there is a key word in family relationships, we suggest it is ‘adaptability.’ It always helps we think if there can be as well a sense of humor. If people are to live richly together they need to have some interdependence of mind and spirit.  They have to find it necessary on occasion, to look to the other partner for moral or other support.

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