The Next Drama Queen: 25

January 10, 2012 by tandiesamil  
Published in Marriage


– When the two lovers find each other and be happy?

– And then you know that this is sheer delusion. Become happy? In marriage? Tell me, which marriages are happy?

– But Lisi!

– I hate those marriages. – Well. Allow at least hear what those two are happy, who now found each other.

– You are satirical. Now, I say no more, try to guess.

– It would give me way too much brains.

– A widower.

– Captain Hook?

– And Olga Jankovsky.

– It’s shameless!

– How so?

– He has but four months have been a widower. The former wife has hardly had time to cool down into the grave.

– Enklingssorgen is soon past, you know that enough.

– And now he is well in the seventh heaven and delighted that the former wife died.

– There may never be possible.

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