The Lioness Within: Writing About Women with a Passion

April 27, 2009 by Adora Mitchell Bayles  
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Esteem Busters.

One difficult experience I’ve had to live with is my verbally abusive husband.

People like Rick (not his real name) will have the world believe they are the most honest, upright, staunch Christians you’ll ever meet. They’ll give you a dollar before they’ll steal a nickel.

Rick’s parrot vocabulary was carefully uttered in the benign presence of the uneducated, undereducated, poor, ratty, toothless, rusty-truck owners in the realm of his quasi dignity.

I graduated from high school.  Rick hated that. He used my education as a weapon in the many arguments he initiated with me.

There was always some remark about my “attitude” toward some silly molehill subject he wanted to make a mountain of. “Higher than thou art!” he would growl. “You graduated from high school; you ourght to know the answer,” to whatever backwoods blurb he would throw at me.

“You think you’re better than everybody!” he would complain.

When I would remind him, “Nobody is a mind reader so how can you know what I think?”

“It’s the way you walk around,” he would say with a sneer.

I was taught to assume erect posture not only to have my clothes hang better on my body but also for the sake of good health. I am a climber who developed her upper-body strength, hence, the almost military posture. But, to him, I was of a snooty mentality. A snob.

With my high spirit and curious mind, I launched into a marriage with a ready-made family of five children ranging from age four through sixteen.

Rick’s parrot vocabulary began to crumble when he started a “Baptist Church” in an old municipal building near where we lived. With a following of some of his friends from a previous congregation along with a group of “rusty trucks” he’d known, he rolled out a grungy spinet from the back room for me to play, mustered a pulpit and some hymnals from God knows where and opened services.

During his first sermon, I picked up a phrase he uttered while spreading his arms and shouting, “That’s the minarculous thing about Jesus!”

When we got home, I asked him innocently, “What is minarculous?”

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  1. Adora Mitchell Bayles Says:

    There’s lots more where this story came from. Once I learn to navigate in Triond, I will be submitting more work.

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