The Fear Inside

August 4, 2012 by Neha Agarwal1  
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Social status of women in India.

A kid named Sheetal lives with her father & mother in her old bungalow which was bequeathed to her father by her grandfather. They had shifted to this house recently & before the division of property by his grandparents they were living in a rented room.

She is a cute, good looking, timid girl , shy in nature but too intelligent with respect to her age. She is fond of eating chocolates and visiting new places. She loves living in her fantasy world because the real world around her is quite dreadful.

She sees her father & mother quarreling, her mother being beaten black & blue. Even she is also punished & beaten unnecessarily quite a number of times with no fault of hers. She is good at studies & topper of her school. Still her father doesn’t love her. He is just bearing her as her father only loves boys and only bears her because she was born without being wanted. He wanted only a boy child.

She understands her mother’s pain as his father wants to remarry because her mother cannot give birth to a boy child & is not of his husband’s caste. She has the aim to become something and show his father that it is not being a boy or girl matters but being a human being without flaws matters.

She has grown up now with same intent & ambition. But now with increase in age her problems too have increased. The biggest is to do her work without any hurdles from egoistic men who constantly try to pull her down through their cheap acts. Even her father cannot see her progressing. He only throws money as compensation of exploiting her mother.

Playing with lives is too easy for men than women & that’s the reason why she starts hating them. They are everywhere in each nook and corner of society making her life hell. Every where she can listen the word poor girl for her which she hates because if men are strong then woman are stronger as they bear men.

She hates that bloody word marriage which binds life & ruins it hampering freedom. Everyone is in favor of marriage & she hates it. Not only the physical relationship which she hates completely but also she cannot imagine living with a man now.

Whatever the future will bring she doesn’t know nor even she cares what people will think about her, how many times she will be doubted unnecessary, taunted,teased or commented doesn’t make any effect on her. Nobody can change her now.

She can die but never think of herself with a man in any relationship whether brother, father or any kind. Her fear of being beaten up by his father, losing in life at any circumstances all have ended, ended with her childhood & happiness. She even care now when people point a finger on her those who are themselves in deep mud come to analyze her character without thinking about their own loop holes.

She doesn’t know & shall never will why people around her so excited about other people’s lives rather than their own especially things related to marriage of a person. Will they forcibly make her marry? Oh no!

They can only comment.  For them it is only fun & only fun which they come to find for.

With best wishes for life of this girl.

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