The Biggest Christmas Threat to Children

December 26, 2012 by Tejasva  
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They tend to have more emotional problems

Participation of more and less affectionate parents

Not completed high school, they have a higher risk of

They have a higher risk of infant mortality

Physical health deterioration.

The growth of this threat, and continues to increase at an alarming rate. Children affected by this threat:

They tend to have more emotional problems

Participation of more and less affectionate parents

Not completed high school, they have a higher risk of

They have a higher risk of infant mortality

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Physical health deterioration.

This is despite the economic downturn, class or race. Do the children of divorced parents? This may be the children of single-parent families? No. The child’s parents are separated it? No.

Couples living together / cohabitation no marriage in the United States Census estimates, reflecting an increase of nearly 1,000% since 1980. These families have children. Cohabitation rather than marriage trends, which produces a significant impact on cultural transformation for people and public policy.

Was released in 2011, a report by the National Marriage Project and the Institute of American Values, aimed at strengthening marriage and family life. The report stressed the need to divert attention divorce child (which is the main concern of researchers).

Faced with this growing problem, determine the the three myth of American cultural life, their study found that:

Myth # 1: coexistence child is no different.

In a study by the Gallup poll, 47% of respondents believe that cohabitation is no difference between children living at home. 42 percent of the people think that a very active role. However, a study of the Vanier Institute found just the opposite. Due to the unstable nature of cohabitation, children suffer the brunt of his physical and mental development of the instability, causing very serious damage. Anne – Marian Bate, who oversaw the study of this problem, and concluded: “commitment and stability child, but on the basis of need, in a large proportion of cohabitation, both the demand is not there. ‘

Myth # 2: cohabitation is a stepping stone to the marriage.

Living together has become a normal part of most relationships, because they grow severity. It is generally considered to be the final step before the marriage. However, the magazine population by 2006, the report found that half of cohabiting unions collapse within a year and 90 percent over five years.

Myth # 3: cohabitation divorce risk reduction.

49 percent of Americans believe that living together will reduce the risk of divorce, 13% of people believe that there is no difference, there are two ways. However, a study conducted by the University of Denver psychologist Scott Stanley, found that cohabiting couples are twice as likely to divorce than those who do not. Stanley also found that the following factors, the characteristics of couples living together before marriage:

More negative communication in marriage

Lower level of marital satisfaction

Large marital instability

Low levels of male spouse’s commitment

Increase the likelihood of divorce.

Vanier Institute of Family Studies, an independent study found that married couples living together before marriage exclusion, both before and after marriage, newlywed couples live together before marriage have higher incidents of domestic violence than those who did not live together.

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These risks and impacts of the children worth cohabitation benefits?

More negative impact on cohabitation

The study showed that nearly 65 percent of second marriages involving children, but sadly, nearly 70 percent of marriages end in divorce, usually due to increased pressure stepfamilies face. Gerardo Campbell the reverse mixed family divorce rate is his mission. Support through its Web site, stepparents,, provide informative content, tools, unique self-awareness and others by the men and women of the forum members. There is no standard operating procedures, stepparents and the best of intentions and fingers through it is not enough to be successful.

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