The Attitudes Towards Virginity in Different Cultures

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The Attitudes Towards Virginity in Different Cultures.

Different cultures treat virginity before marriage differently. In fact, there is an important concept in modern Western society. Sex before marriage can help young women to have a healthy sexual identity in the future. On the contrary, there are a lot of cultures that significant value to virginity. In this article, the different attitudes towards this concept will be discussed.

Catholic Church

Catholic Church, is likely to be the most popular advocate of virginity. In fact, sex is forbidden before marriage in their teaching. In addition, women may remain a virgin throughout her life will have a higher status in the community of the Catholic Church. In the past, the Catholic Church, will sentence the women who remain virgins before marriage.

Hindu countries

In Hindu culture, chastity is a very important concept. The importance of virginity, of course, highlights before marriage. Even after the marriage can take. This is especially true if a woman’s husband dies. In this case the woman becomes a widow and not be allowed to marry some others because it is no longer a virgin.

There was even a practice called Sati in the ancient period. A widow consigned to the flames during the cremation of her husband. This was to show his faith to her husband. And of course the woman would have no other opportunity to marry or have sexual intercourse because she was going to die. Of course, Indians today do not have such practices, yet the value of the treasure of virginity before marriage a lot.

Islamic Cultures

As in Hindu cultures, Islamic cultures a high value on virginity before marriage. Women can have sex after marriage under the umbrella of Islamic culture. Sex before marriage is strictly prohibited. Apart from sex before marriage, sex outside marriage is also prohibited.

The above are some of the cultures that maintain the importance of virginity before marriage. They are in contrast to modern Western culture. However, if it is not important or should depend on personal choice. A woman should have the right to choose, should be free to choose whether to maintain virginity before marriage or not. It is important that a woman should have total control over what you can do with your body and what you are willing to do with it.

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  1. sibell Says:

    Hi, i’m a 17yr old girl & i’m studying this topic for my PIP (personal interest project), & i’m still a virgin and i’m planning on keeping it till marriage, but i was wondering why every other girl doesn’t seem to care or show concern towards their virginity as much as i do? why has it changed other time from something which was really important to a women or girl, but these day people don’t seem to care? what is making everyone lose their virginity? i my self find my virginity something that’s really important to me, not only because of religion but also because it’s my dignity, but why do others not seem to care?

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