Ten Things Jamaican Women Do When They Suspect Their Man is Cheating!

July 2, 2013 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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Many times Jamaican women catch their men cheating, there is also a popular saying that there is not one committed man, no not one. Most men keep several women and have several children. But here are ten things Jamaican women do if they think their partner is cheating on them.

 1. The first thing a Jamaican woman does when she thinks her man is cheating is check his phone. She checks miss calls, whats app text messages and  bbm to see if there are any communications and revealing pictures being sent. Women must now be careful how they send their pictures to men because their wives will copy it and reveal you on Jamaica Matey Groupie.com.

2. They will call the offender and cuss her out in order to daunt her from the relationship. Some women will go as far as threatening the “matey” in order to get her to back down. It makes no sense you tell the man because she will deny it to him. She does not want to appear as an insecure nutcase and her man will put her on blast for snooping in his phone.

3. She will fight you for her man. Some Jamaican women will see you on the street and confront you about keeping their man. The best thing to do would be to  avoid men who are involve with other women so that you can elude all of this drama. Women have died(as in the case of the girl who was stabbed to death at Anchovy High School over a boy).

4. Wives will hire muscles to hurt you, you can die or you can be seriously paralysed

5. They will go to the cheating partners family members or the matey family members to get them to dissuade you from pursuing the relationship with their man. They hope that your family can talk some sense into you.

6. They will blast you on social media in order to expose your sneaky ways and hope you will be humiliated enough to leave their man alone so please keep your facebook walls private and your profile set to only friends as you do not know when some woman will scrawl something on your time line.

7. If you go to church, rest assure that wifey will be telling the church congregation and the pastor that you are keeping her man and she will ask them to chastise you or remove you from your pious duties as you are a hypocrite and a liar in the face of god.

8. If you have a high end job that involves people and publicity, wifey will threaten your job by coming to your business place and acting belligerent in order to undermine your profession and integrity.

9. She will visit her obeah man for you. Hoping that the occultist can conjure up a potion or magic that will destroy the feelings that you or the man has for each other. Some women if they feel threatened enough will ask the obeah man to kill you or the man. Some might just tie the man so that he cannot leave them.

10.  A desperate woman insecure in her relationship will go to great lengths to protect it. As in the case of a four year old that was murdered because an ex wifey thought the child the man had with the matey was the reason why he ended the relationship with her. There are women who make their relationship their lives. It is all that they are living for and they will hurt you, if you threaten  their serenity. If a man loves you. he will leaver her and come to you but if he remains with her then you should be the better woman and leave him with her. If he loves her, he should stay with her.

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