Study Explains Why Men are Better by Marriage

July 13, 2013 by hayakhan  
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In the past, some studies have already shown that married men show significantly less antisocial behavior than non-married men. A recent study from the State University in Michigan has now discovered what this could be.

They escorted more than ten years a total of 298 male twins and observed their behavior at the age of 17, 20, 24 and 29 years. The scientists conducted their investigation with twins to rule out genetic differences in behavior can. At the age of 17, none of the men was still married. At 29, almost 60% of men living in a marital community . The studies showed that men whose behavior was significantly rougher, were significantly less likely than their brothers came 29 years ago with the maid age than their brothers nicer. This trend was found in both the monozygotic twins and in the Zweeiigen.

In addition, the researchers found that aggressive and antisocial behavior in males can generally be inhibited by the marriage. In well-functioning marriages, this effect is significantly stronger than in bad marriages. The scientists believe that the men go through the marriage many new social ties and therefore less time with her ​​ballsy friends spend.

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