Some Men are Wicked While Most Women are Foolish

February 4, 2012 by Uzoma  
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Some men are wicked, devilish and inconsiderate in their actions. How can a man abandon a lady that has given birth to his three kids for another woman? Is this act not wickedness? What will those children grow up to call him? Again, why will a woman be in a man’s house enjoying sex and manufacturing kids without caring for actual formalization of her marriage with the man. Is that not foolishness?

On 22nd January, 2012, I was opportune to preach in Cathedral Church of St. Peter Bishops-court, Asaba Delta State Nigeria. After service, a young lady of about 30 years walked to me and said “Sir I want to talk to you.” I replied “with pleasure.” We went sat on one of the pews towards the western door of the church. She started like this: “Sir, I need help. I have garri(one of Nigerian staple food made from cassava) but I don’t have money to make soup. I have not been paid.” I pause for some moment  looking at her because from her stature I know she already have children though she was not with any at that moment, I asked her if she is married and she replied on the affirmative. “Where is he now?” She answered that the husband is in Kaduna with another lady.

When she made that statement, I was angry within me. Our conversation went thus:

Me: How many children do you have with him?

Lady: Three

Me: Did he take any of them? 

Lady: No

Me: will the man not claim these children later

Lady: No. He did not pay my Bride price

Me: Why did he pay your Bride price and you have for him, one two and three Children?

Lady: (No response)

Me: What do you do for a living?

Lady: I am a newspaper vendor

Me: Did you go to school?

Lady: I did not finish Secondary School.

At this point I became more angry within me. I started talking without her response. How do you hope to cope with the feeding and training of these three children? Why did you consent to giving birth to as much as three without the man being keen to formalize your marriage? Is that not foolishness on your part. Let us assume that the first child was a mistake when you where not ready for marriage but thereafter, you would have applied sense and be wise to know how much commitment the man is willing to make. Who will help you with these children? I did not even border to ask her if she has any relation because from her story, I suspected she entered into that marriage without the consent of her people.

While speaking with her, this thought came into my mind. Some men are wicked but most women are foolish. Some women will disagree with me that I don’t understand what love is all about. True Love is not foolishness neither is it blind as some presume. Yes God so love the world that he gave his only begotten Son. In giving, He did not force his son on the world. It is whosoever believes. He sees the heart and knows how many of us are sincere.

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4 Responses to “Some Men are Wicked While Most Women are Foolish”
  1. Jenny360 Says:

    our women need to stand up for themselves, get proper education or learn a trade and place some value on themselves. the value you place on yourself is the value others will place on you

  2. ittech Says:

    quite good

  3. ittech Says:

    Very well stated

  4. Uzoma Says:

    Thanks friends for your comments, Jenny and ittech

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