Small Business Verses Family

June 26, 2013 by Fitriyani  
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One problem we all face is balancing the demands of our families as we build our small businesses. Some will abandon their families in favor of the business, while others will give up on the businesses because it is too hard on the family life. Can a good business and a happy family life coexist? I believe the answer to that question is, YES, but it is really up to the individuals involved and will take effort.

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned that if you go into business you really need to have your spouse committed for the ups and downs that will follow. The spouse really needs to be supportive if either the business or the family will survive. A few of the “lucky” ones will have both spouses involved and committed to the business and to the family. It is not easy, but it is doable.

In another article, I talked about learning to delegate and not doing all the work yourself. This has to apply and the entrepreneur must learn to delegate as much as possible, to allow time for the really important things in life, delegate as much as possible.

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to give up my marriage, my children, my peace of mind to get this business going?” Or you may ask it this way, “Am I willing to let my dreams and fortune go, to keep my marriage and to keep my children?” Some of us believe that if we “make a million” then we can spend more time with the ones we love and give them a “proper education” and all the other luxuries they need to make their lives great. Usually the kids are grow and gone by the time we make our millions.

We somehow need to find balance between family and business. I think family is first and then business. I missed too many school activities of some of my children for various reasons. I’m not sure if the child remembers that I was not there because their mother was there at almost every activity. But I felt guilty and wish I would have spent more time watching them in their activities.

So, make a list of what is important, what needs to be taken care of and what can be delegated to others. It will take time and effort to schedule all the things that have to be done but it will be worth every effort we can make. I say, have your business and family too. It can be done. Good luck.

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