Simon Cowell is Expecting His First Child at 52 with His Close Friend’s Wife!

August 1, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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But was it planned?

“Me and my lil Simey monster #simoncowell x” – Lauren’s Instagram

Back in 2009, Simon Cowell was asked if he ever wanted to have children and he said,

“God, no. I couldn’t have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls I’d go nuts.”

But, he told AOL Music last year,

“I do really, really like kids, because I can talk to them and listen to them. The problem has always been how much time you need to devote to bringing up kids. I’ve always dedicated all my life to work, and at 52, I’ve probably missed the opportunity.”

Looks like this hard-ass has turned into quite the softy and just in the nick of time, too. It has been reported that New York socialite, wife to Andrew Silverman – a real estate mogul in New York City -, Lauren Silverman, is pregnant with Simon’s first child and her second. She allegedly told Simon about the pregnancy around July 10. Rumor mill has it that Mrs. Silverman is planning to leave her husband for Simon. 

“Lauren and Andrew have been unhappy in their marriage for a while. As their marriage deteriorated, she and Simon became close.”

Aside from the whole sanctity of a marriage and the morals of committing adultery, there is a bro code that Simon seems to have ignored. No matter how close or not he was with Lauren – or Andrew for that matter -, she IS married to HIS friend. It doesn’t matter what shape the marriage is in when an affair happens. But, a child does not ask to be born so, I hope that these two can form a healthy relationship BEFORE the baby is born. They will have quite some time though because she is only 10 weeks pregnant. Supposedly, Andrew filed for a divorce 2 weeks ago and stated the affair with Simon (actually naming him). Hopefully the divorce process won’t be too stressful on these parents-to-be and maybe Simon and Andrew can salvage their friendship despite Simon’s actions.

But, it has been reported that Simon did not plan on having a child and Lauren “tricked” him into getting her pregnant. Sources say that “he assumed she was using birth control” and that their relationship was NOT a platonic one. 

“Simon thought this was a casual relationship – Friends with benefits. The pregnancy was not planned.”

Friends of Simon’s have not shyed away their feelings about her or their relationship. One goes as far as to call Lauren a “gold digger” and saying “she has a thing for rich, powerful men” and that “she knows having Simon’s baby will mean he will always be in her life and he is a very wealthy and generous man”


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