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October 23, 2013 by jasmine88  
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Many men tend to run away when he heard the word commitment.

Marriage brings together two people of different characters from each other. Marriage is required to undergo a mental readiness . But sometimes due to the wishes of themselves as well as the various parties , weddings were undertaken . In fact , both men and women are not ready.

Here are the signs of a man ready for marriage :

1 . Well established Financial

If a man is financially stable , then he was able to set the priorities in his life . He’s also ready to have a partner in life .

2 . Children love the

See also whether the men liked children . If he is not easily distracted with the kids , even able to interact well , then it means he’s ready to get married .

3 . Not Afraid of Commitment

Many men tend to run away when he heard the word commitment . If they enjoy hanging out with his friends than family , so he could not be seriously committed or married .

4 . Good family values

A Pia carrying values ​​of the family is also a good sign she is ready to marry . It is also important , because he would want both values ​​are passed to their children .

5 . Attention to the person you Think Important

Marriage not only unites two people , but two families . So if a man gives as much attention to the people who you think are important , like family and friends , then he’s ready to get married .

6 . Reliable

Reliable men are those who can keep his promise and is responsible for all behavior. As this is the kind of guy that fits into the head of the family .

7 . adult

Maturity can not be seen from its age , but judging from the speech and behavior . You can see a grown man if he was able to think ahead , know priorities , and responsible .

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