Should I Spy on My Cheating Spouse?

June 15, 2013 by Janelle Coulton  
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Do you suspect your husband or wife is having an affair? Do you know for certain they are cheating but you just want the proof?

Whatever the reason, and no matter how suspicious you are of your spouse, you cannot ever accuse someone of cheating with solid evidence. This means a reliable witness, photographs or even video taken on your phone. Proving adultery will help you to get a generous settlement when you file for divorce.

Once you put your mind to it and really think about it, getting proof won’t be hard. The first things you need to remember is when someone is being unfaithful in their marriage they are going to be very secretive about their every move. They will mix things up and change locations where they meet their lover just to throw you off the track in case you are suspicious. You need to get in the right frame of mind, which means you need to think like they do. Imagine how you would behave if you were the one doing the cheating. Put yourself in their shoes.

There are many really good private investigators out there, however this can be really time consuming and expensive. You know your partner better than any private investigator, so you will likely get the job done faster if you do intend on doing it yourself.

You will need to enlist the help of some trusted friends or family members to help you. You may think that you can handle this alone and maybe you can handle the logistics of it, but if you have children someone needs to be watching your babies. And you will also need emotional and moral support.

When it comes to spying on someone there really is not much to it. You simply follow them. Obviously you would not be sitting outside where they work all day, but you would possibly be following them in the morning to see if they stop anywhere on the way to work, and then you would need to follow them where ever they go after work. Most cheaters are rarely home at a decent hour, so the chances that they choose to meet their lover after work is a safe bet.

Patience is really important in a situation like this; you may not catch him or her out for a couple of weeks. But you just need to hang in there, eventually they will make a mistake and you will there to catch them. All that is needed is for you to witness them together, and then when you’ve seen enough to prove there is an affair going on, you can confront the pair of them. Or have a trusted friend or family member to confront them. This means once you witness affection of which goes beyond friendship then you have your proof.

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