Should Cheating (Infidelity) be a Criminal Offense?

February 14, 2011 by 1hopefulman  
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What should be done to cheaters or those that are unfaithful? Should it be a criminal offense?

Should cheating (infidelity) be a criminal offense? Why isn’t it? Should the laws be changed?

They marry. They make marriage vows about fidelity. Do these vows have any validity? Do these vows actually mean anything? Are there any intentions of keeping these vows?  Are they just beautiful poetic words?

If one partner cheats or is unfaithful should there not be consequences for breaking a vow or solemn promise, often made before God ad human witnesses?

Should not some clauses be added to the marriage contract as to certain losses to be the automatic consequences of a vow not kept by cheating or infidelity? An example would be: an automatic 25% loss or forfeiture of property for the cheating partner.

Now the vow has some significance.  Now the vow has some weight to it. Without any value attached, the vow is just some hot air spoken meaninglessly.

What gives one the right to cheat?

We punish cheaters at school. We punish those that cheat on taxes. But we have no punishment for those that cheat on their spouses. The marriage contract should have clauses as to what happens if one cheats.

Should cheating be a criminal offense?  Maybe, there should also be a jail sentence also attached as a clause for cheating.

Should a letter of intent, warning of possible cheating, be served upon the innocent mate?

If they serve such a letter of intent, then they do not lose any rights, as a proper and timely warning of what could occur was given. Forewarned is forearmed as they say. The recipient of the intent can now adjust any behaviour that might be the cause of the dissatisfaction of the indenting cheater, if that would avert the cheating.

Once the cheating has taken place, there is not much that the innocent mate can do. The deed is done and cannot be undone.

Why do people cheat? There are varied reasons and there are no reasons. Some people are just cheaters. That’s the way they are. While others cheat because of curiosity, temptation, thrill, to hurt their partner, etc.

So, should cheating (infidelity) be a criminal offense? Why isn’t it? Should the laws be changed? Food for thought!

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17 Responses to “Should Cheating (Infidelity) be a Criminal Offense?”
  1. MaxBuceo Says:

    Very interesting, i like this post

  2. scheng1 Says:

    Actually the innocent will feel guilty as well. She will try to blame herself for not loving her spouse enough.

  3. pandabear Says:

    Interesting point. I cant actually picture it becoming a federal offense though. Nice share

  4. wonder Says:

    These are taken softly by the law, some kind of penalty should be there.

  5. Michal Dorcak Says:

    Good idea. Though, the punishment should have nothing to do with property. Otherwise, many would exploit that and make innocent ones lose their property. Accomplice and good plan are the only things needed for framing someone as being unfaithful.

  6. Christine Ramsay Says:

    That is an interesting point. I can’t see it happening though.


  7. Lord Banks Says:

    I’ve been faithful to my partner for 7 years and I have every intention of remaining that way. Legal punishment no! its a bond between a man and a woman not the legal law as in criminality. How about couples who swap? or couples that like to see their partner being made love to by another person? it does happen, what would the law do with that scenario? fine both parties and the third party who was doing what he was asked to do? very good thought provocing article. LB

  8. buenavida Says:

    Our sense of justice says that there should be some consequences if you break a promise. We know that we are responsible for God of course.—
    But if there were a written contract with information about what could be done to prevent this problem and and also what would happen afterwards if some of the partners broke the contract, maybe it would not be so attractive to cheat. At least both would – maybe – take their promise to each other more seriously. Economic compensation would perhaps be possible but the governments of our days donĀ“t respect the Bible principles.

  9. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    The person who is cheated on should do the punishing.

  10. sapphirelaws22 Says:

    Great ideas! :-)

  11. genicuta Says:

    good share,thanks.

  12. martinrojas Says:

    You have written an outstanding article that deals with a very important and touchy subject. Great job.

  13. Lorne Says:

    The guilty party should be held responsible. No one should cheat. That is just wrong. If they are not happy, they should dissolve the relationship first then they can do what they want.

  14. 1hopefulman Says:

    Cheating never amounts to any good, only sadness and sorry and a guilty conscience for the rest on one’s life. Be true to you mate and in the long run, you will never regret it. A few moments of pleasure is a poor recompense to the lifetime of regret you will experience. Doing the wrong thing is never right!

  15. 1hopefulman Says:

    @ scheng1: The innocent need never feel guilty. The guilty should feel guilty. Te guilty didn’t have to cheat.

  16. Libra91 Says:

    I think this is a very interesting post,you were right about so many things.


    There will be no laws against cheating on a spouse, because most of the law makers are cheaters. How many congressional scandals have you seen involving sex? It is a shame that so many people cheat when they are married, but I believe divorce rectifies that problem really well.

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