Seven Signs Your Partner May be Cheating on You

August 11, 2013 by madcoww  
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Seven Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating on You.

I think one of the hardest situations for a couple to make it through is infidelity. I’m thankful that it’s not been an issue in my marriage, but I do know it’s been a contributing factor in many breakups of couples who seemed to “have it all.” I also think that cheating is not only one of the hardest things to get past in your current relationship, but it can have quite the negative effect on your next relationship as well. It has to be an awful feeling to wonder if your partner may be cheating. There are some who exhibit classic signs that something may be going on and others who seem to hide it better. The classic signs that your partner may be cheating doesn’t necessarily mean they are, but it may be something to keep an eye on if you’re worried.

1.) More Short With You 
If you find that the communication with your partner has been going downhill because your partner is being extra short with you – that could be a sign they’re cheating. Name calling or being overall short with you could be their way of distancing themselves from you further.

2.)Extra Jumpy Around the Phone 
If your partner is all the sudden very secretive and protective about their phone, they may not want you to see it for obvious reasons. Text messages and other forms of communication are able to be more private now that many couples have their own phone. If your partner gets extra jumpy when their phone goes off near you, there may be something there. 

3.)More Interest in Their Own Appearance 
There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but if your partner is out of no where taking extra time to make themselves look and/or smell good – it could be a warning sign. They may be working hard to impress someone else who is showing them some attention.

4.)Talks A Lot About One Person 
If a new person continuously comes up in conversations from your partner (saying good or bad things), that could be a sign that a certain someone is always on their mind.

5.)Becoming Distant 
If they’re no longer interested in your weekly or monthly dates or always coming up with reasons why they can’t make it to this or that family function, it could be a sign. Especially when they have only work-related excuses.

6.)At Work More 
If your partner is going to work earlier and/or staying at work later when you know there’s not been an increase in their workload, that could be a sign they’re not really where they say they are.

7.)Less Interest in Being Intimate 
While all relationships go through waves where you’re more intimate and less with your partner, if they’re showing less interest in you and your daily things, they could have someone else on their mind. While not all people cheat for sex, they could be having their other intimate needs met elsewhere.

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