Seven Secrets for a Happy Marriage

August 17, 2013 by cookgregorio  
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Not easy to maintain romance fires still burning in a marriage. There are times when even a breeze breeze can dim or even turn it off.

Then the pair should continue to make efforts to keep the marital relationship continues to run well and happy. Do not let a third person takes over the romance in your marriage life with your partner.

Citing geniusbeauty, seven steps can be applied to your relationship and your partner remain cordial.

Together as long as you can


Quality time spent together is a strong adhesive in a marriage. Get involved in activities together.

This way you act on the commitment and middle knitting with great memories to remember a few days!

Did that seem trivial

Day-to-day relationship depends on little things done to each other or how they treat each other. Give praise, opened the door, this may sound trivial but in fact it shows how you give attention to a couple

Furthermore, psychologists say that we need to do as much as five positive interactions to eliminate the negative interaki, so do even small things to please your partner.

Keep communication

No relationship can survive without sharing feelings and got the opinion of each other, you begin to know what goes on in the hearts and minds of your loved ones, and predict attitudes and reactions.

Communication with interspersed hugs and touches will make the atmosphere better and improve bonding.

Be Honest

Loss of trust in the relationship can be a very bad impact.

There are very difficult things to talk about, especially if they are critical and easy emotion. But try talking about it is better than continued to harbor and conceal it.

sex in the agenda

It might sound weird? But this is actually good for the quality of sex itself and also psychologically you both.

In addition, testosterone levels you also need to keep, if you let it continue every day you will lose touch with your sexuality.

Leave the problem that has no solution

There will be a point when you will never be able to reach an agreement. Do you want to maintain the endless arguments or to save energy?

Rather than continue to argue, quarrel and desist should calm down, respectively.

Add humor

Joking and laughing is a reaction to share joyous moments that make up an important part of a happy marriage.

Laughter helps smooth over difficult places, keeping the spirit and is universally regarded as “the glue that helps to stay together.” If you can no longer laugh together over something funny, it’s a very bad sign.

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