Secret to Understanding a Boyfriend: Five Signs That Prove That He Will Never Marry You

February 22, 2011 by abbeygirl  
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Just love is not enough to make a relationship head towards a bright future. You really need an official paper that shows he is completely yours to the world. But what if your boyfriend does not want to marry? How should you find it out? Of course, from his behavior and words. Learn how to interpret them to know whether he will really get you the wedding ring!

These days, women get into relationship with men without having a serious conservation of where this would lead them to. Years go by, but they see no sign of engagement ring.  What is wrong here? Is it like the talk of the marriage never comes in such relationships? That is not the case. Apparently, the men do give off signs of disinterest in marriage with these women. But only a few with brain get to capture them. And if you still do not know about those signs you are on the right page because today here we will know about them.

1. He uses the line, “I do like you very very much, but I can’t promise you that I will marry you”:

This line is often expressed in the beginning of the relationship. The man simply makes it clear that he is not sure about getting married. Note that down. If you are someone who has heard it from her boyfriend you need to understand that he is clearly telling what is in his mind, but certainly in a twisted manner.

2. When you ask him where you are heading with him he either changes the topic or gets irritated:

Yes, a man who does not want to marry you will like the word “marriage” to be out of his way. So on hearing it, he will get irritated or simply start talking about something else. You will actually notice it clearly. Take it as a red flag and start making plans on packing your bag.

3. He says that he doesn’t require a paper to prove his love for you:

This might make you emotional, but the truth is that it is rather an excuse for him to have his cake and eat it too. Think again, if the man cannot sign a paper for you he might not even come to save you when your life will be at stake. A person who loves a woman truly will not be in fear to declare officially that she is the right woman in his life.

4. He asks you to move in to his apartment or house:

This is such an easy thing to do. You might think that he has taken you as one of his most trusted companion. But that is actually not the case here. He is basically keeping the door of breakup open for himself. If anything goes wrong he will simply ask you to move out.

5. He tells you that he has not yet thought of marrying:

Now this he can impart to you in many ways. But most often he will add that he has not established himself.  That is comprehensible. Marriage brings in responsibilities. But look for the self interest element in his words. If he keeps using “I” instead of “we” then it rather signals that yes he will marry someday, but the woman who will be his wife is not going to be you!

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Sometimes people divorce someone then get their own place, run out of money and at the same time the new lover preys on this instability. Even follows them, calls them, does anything fo rthem to move in. Then if the person does not want to move in, its well just for a few months till you get your feet on the ground, next thing you know its been a few years okay ? True story, and both may be progressing towards a good future, but the one person will feel cheated in the end for beleiving that they could move out in a few months. Well in this case it will definitely require police involvement.

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