Real Reason Why Man Cheating on His Wife

November 21, 2011 by Fika Thiana  
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What exactly can cause your husband cheating? 70 percent of men admitted cheating on his wife, and most of the affair was known to his wife. While knowing your husband cheating, its really painful. Let’s see what the real reason, why a man or a husband can cheating on his wife.

Infidelity is the most wanted to avoid in the household. Cheating not only can occur in men, but women can also be having an affair. But it is mostly men who had an affair. While knowing your husband cheating, its really painful. Then why can happen that a man cheated on his wife, why did they get cheated?

In my opinion, usually an affair that started from the lack of openness and dissatisfaction with one another. Difficult forthright on something, causing the husband or wife to find a place to be frank to the outside of the household. Listener and giver of good counsel outside the household, can sometimes provide the desired comfort, to eventually open the opportunity for a more distant relationship with someone who felt more able to give you peace.

Infidelity can lead to divorce. 70 percent of men admitted cheating on his wife, and most of the affair was unknown to his wife. While in women, the amount of cheating done far fewer women than men.

So what exactly can cause your husband cheating? Many of the methods used to find out your husband cheated on his wife, including by spying on your husband. But most important to note, is the reason why your husband had an affair? In order for the possibilities that lead to cheating husband can be avoided.

1. Dating habits changed after marriage.
While courting relationship became apparent when after marriage. Romance and attention while courting no longer found after marriage.

2. Dissatisfaction
Dissatisfaction with one another in various ways, such as the dissatisfied wife about her appearance, the nature of the wife, including in terms of sex. Not satisfied in sex can cause a man to find satisfaction in addition to his wife. The higher a husband to get satisfaction from his wife, then the possibility of cheating will be smaller.

3. Be a close friend with another woman.
Husband’s friendship with a woman, both in the office, or in other environments, can lead to infidelity.

4. Husband did have a history of affair.
A husband who has cheated on previous experience, tend to have a chance to repeat the chance affair while married. This can happen because the husband just want adventure or any of the prestige and emotional encouragement from his old friends.

5. Feel cheated.
When going out, everything is so beautiful and perfect. However, when married, what is acquired is not like when going out, even the bad habits that once invisible, now appears more clearly when she got married. And made the husband feel cheated.

6. Want to find a better than his wife.
Husband who is dissatisfied with his wife, more use of his chance to find a figure that exceeds his wife at home in the outside environment.

7. Feeling humiliated and disrespected.
A husband who feels humiliated by his wife certainly would not be happy. This is a cause that often occur in the household. The husband will likely find another woman who values himself.

8. Requires a challenge and adventure.
Some of the men consider that cheating is cheating is a challenge. Courage and strategies must be tricked so unknown to the wife’s infidelity. And it is for their own preoccupations. Moreover, if a husband’s friends or in groups with people who had an affair. This will encourage them to emotional cheating.

9. Need an escape or an outlet.
Households not as smooth as expected, there are ups and downs. When her husband was stressed and a lot of weight, sometimes one wants to have someone as an escape or an outlet.

10. Feeling bored.
Households had long counted, making the couple mutually saturated. Mostly, this saturation which makes the husband look for a new freshness from another woman.

11. Just for fun.

Affair with another woman made ​​fun just for the men who had an affair.

12. Could not resist the temptation of women.
Not infrequently found seductive woman who often tickles the husbands. For those who can not stand, it is not difficult for a husband having an affair.

13. Cheating to be a collection.
A man who had a high prestige of the glamorous surroundings, tend to have a desire to show, that he is loved by many women. Then he too can be cheated as much as possible to be used as collection and pride among the group.

14. Retaliation.
A husband who never felt cheated or have had, then one day he might return.

15. Inferior to the wife.
Husbands who feel inferior to his wife can make an affair. For example wives have an income or a career higher than the husband. Until finally the perceived power of his wife is too great. Or on the contrary, she had an bad appearance, the husband felt inferior to appear in public.

16. It had a swinger or not faithful.
If it’s nature, sometimes it’s hard to be changed even if a husband had a good wife though.

17. Communication is substandard.
The husband thought that she could not to compromise or communicate. This is sometimes also used as an excuse for cheating husbands and find another woman who could be more in line with him.

18. The couple are too spoiled and possessive.
Habit spoiled and possessive wife who tend to make upset and pushed her husband to seek a better on the figure of another woman.

But sometimes a man can hide their affair with a wily ways. Not all can be known by his wife’s infidelity, though in fact his wife had a strong instinct about her husband’s infidelity. However, men also have weaknesses that ultimately could accidentally leaked their infidelity. Men are not as easy as a woman in expressing their feelings.

Some men who have a sorry affair, but some are not. The signs of infidelity are sometimes hard to recognize with the naked eye. Those were the things that often cause a man or husband cheating on his wife. When you can recognize the signs of cheating on your husband, what should you do next? Try to improve communication and harmony between the two of you, avoid the things that could be the cause of infidelity as mentioned above. Although difficult, I as a woman who has married, has always wanted to be the best for my husband, and I keep trying for it, and keep praying, so that my household stay well and maintained its integrity.

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