Real Questions for Potential Long-term Mates

April 11, 2010 by Goldfinger  
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Real-life questions you should pose to your soulmate before you commit to a long-term relationship.

Top 10 Real life Questions for Potential Marriage Partners



Your mother never told you to ask many questions of a potential mate  before you get married. She just said “Follow Your Heart and everything will be fine”.


Well, if you want a long term marriage, the following questions are essential to ask your prospective mate before you walk down the aisle and say “I do”.


1.  Do you enjoy sex and how often would you like it?


If both of you have different sex drives and desires then someone will always be frustrated leading to infidelity.


2.  Which do you prefer: Having a career or staying at home?


A partner who wants the opposite of your ideals will cause endless friction.


3.  Are you willing to have children and will you care for them or hand them off to a daycare?


If you want your children to have your morals and you and your partner cannot agree on how to raise them, then this will generate a high level of tension in your household.


4.  What level of lifestyle do you expect?


Your financial expectations must both be on the same wavelength, otherwise a crisis can easily develop when times are tough.


5.  When we disagree on something, how do you react?


Holding grudges against your mate and making derogatory comments leads to a very short term marriage. Willingness to forgive and forget many trivialities and always complimenting your partner forges long term relationships.


6.  Would you be willing to go outside of your ‘comfort zone’ from time to time?


If your partner wants to please you, even if they do not enjoy the activity that you do, they will make an effort to participate.


7.  Are you willing to do the daily housework?


Some people are clean freaks while others live as slobs. A meeting of the minds is essential on this topic to have a long term successful relationship. Each person must be willing to perform chores around the home.


8.  Do you prefer to live in the city or countryside?


City life is very fast paced. Living in the country is a much more relaxed lifestyle. It’s important to agree on where you’ll be living. 


9.  How do you feel about my family?


If your family were to require assistance (financial or otherwise) would you be willing to help?


A mate who cares about you should also be willing (within reason) to help your family.


10.   Can we unconditionally trust and love each other?


Trust is the basis of all relationships and love is given freely without conditions. Communication openly with each other is a must in order to achieve long term satisfaction and stability.



We’ve all seen what happens when relationships sour. If the questions which are posed help to avoid potential conflicts between prospective marriage partners then this article can be considered a success.  



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