Philosophy of Marriage

July 25, 2013 by MikeTruthNLove  
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Eternal love is all too real.

Marriage…is not simply being forced to spend the rest of your life with somebody else, it’s much much more deep and meaningful. We all have our souls searching this vast unknown world looking for pools, streams, and rivers of happiness. Hoping that there is another soul out there that can share in our laughter, our joy, and first and foremost our love. Whether it’s our love for passionate activities and followings or two souls finding love within each other. Marriage isn’t just about staying together and following through. It’s about two spirits saying to each other ‘I do’. Together in the best of times but especially the worst, then happiness and peace will surely come burst. Cries of true pleasure not just from the bedroom, but bundles of bliss and devotion will follow you around your home. Two souls, two spirits, two lovers together forever, isn’t just a foolish dream, it’s a passion that we can all converge on and faithfully live, as long as you’re willing to go to the darkest pits of life just in order to get a chance at true everlasting happiness with one person you’re lucky enough to love, cherish and live for. Darkness in life always turns to the bright dawn of a new forever joyful day.

Mmm, I’m not happy with that, it’s not complete….there’s much more excitement and love to be experienced leading up to the marriage with that one devoting, amazing, complete soul, human bond that will be consummated forever in trust, loyalty, true happiness, and of course love. It’s not a dream, it’s a life you have to continue to envision over the pressures of daily pain, struggle, hardship. Precious love is held in the future, with that comes eternal strength.

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