Myths Around New Bride

October 15, 2012 by FabChuz  
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Myths Around New Bride.

Marriage is the starting gate that leads to domestic life is full of dynamics. You will be a wife and mother of your children. Lots of feedback you receive from colleagues about marriage and sometimes it makes you even more anxious to enter married life.

Do not worry. Here are the myths that have been reported from solved. Myth What the hell? This is it.

Marriage will change a person

When going out, you feel he is a perfect figure. But when you are married, you feel that she is much changed. Change is a thing that is not going to stop anytime in life. But you need to realize that everyone has a plus and minus points. If it was only about minus her make the beds lazy or does not help you wash the dishes, you do not need to exaggerate the problem. But if he has a minus points such as gambling, drunkenness or other bad habits, you should be careful because the habit is not an instant change.

After marriage, you will stop growing

The development is going to happen throughout the life of you. Getting married does not mean you are no longer growing. In psychology, you will develop your mind and you are not married and become adults. You will experience many phases in this marriage and you will face with your partner.

Couples who get married should have the same interests

It will be very interesting where you can do things with your partner. But the basics of it all is harmony, not just because it has the same preferences. even if you both have a difference though, if you can wrap it in harmony, then your home will remain pleasant.

Husband should be your best friend

Husband may be the number one thing for you, but that does not mean he’ll be the only one for you. As a woman, you need to maintain communication with your friends. Your husband can not completely fill your days because basically he can not run that has become the role of your friends. Similarly, your husband will surely take a while hanging out with his friends.

The quarrel leads to divorce

Do not be quick to give up the state. This is the challenge in marriage, how you and your partner respect differences of opinion, both solving problems and expressing feelings for each other. This is precisely the moment in which you and your husband can get closer, by trying to both be part of the solution and not just concerned about the situation.

Any kids will bring you closer to husband

So you rush to make the program to have offspring. Do not rush. Basically, even if you have a child, but not based on the readiness to become parents, it will be worth it. All you need is a shared commitment to nurturing and being a good parent to the child, not just the presence of the child.

In-laws will become your enemy

When you are building a mind set so early on, then that’s what will happen. You do not need to feel uncomfortable when your in-laws say you can not cook. Let’s just say he was giving feedback that it is helping you to become a better wife, so you can be more relaxed face common reactions to your in-laws.

Undergoing wedding ark would have ups and downs and unexpected storm problem. As women, we should be smarter to find a gap to overcome these problems. The key is to increase your confidence in yourself and believe that our partners and we are able to bring this marriage to the happiness. Hopefully useful, Ladies.

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