Married Women Who are Unhappily Married

December 17, 2009 by Carmel BRULEZ  
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I have been a private relationship expert and life coach to the rich and famous for many years… read on.

With approximately a third of marriages ending in divorce and half of those that do not divorce being  unhappy it is a sad fact that most women who get married will end up wishing that they had not.  Either because they wish they were married to somebody else and they chose the wrong man, or because marriage itself does not suit them.

Most people get married far too young, when they are not worldly enough and streetwise enough to be able to pick the best person for them,  some of them marry young because they cannot wait until they are older. The trouble with this is that they meet someone, marry them, and then meet people they like more than their husband later when they are already married.  Some of them go straight from living with their parents to being married without even bothering to find out if they are suited to being single first.  Some of them get married because they want someone to look after them.

So what does a married woman do about it?  WELL she can do one of the following…

She can try to become happier by cheating on her spouse.   If she does this is she going to have affairs?   If so are they going to be one night stands?  If so,  are one night stands worth it?    Whether she wants one night stands, which is unlikely, or affairs that last longer    Are affairs worth it?     Most married women get tempted to stray at some point in their marriage,  but they may have too much to lose to make it worth the risk.   If they love their husbands and have a lot to lose it would be stupid to have an affair.  It also depends on how much time they can escape for to see someone else,  and if they can make sure they are not found out.   How emotional they are is important too,  for if she falls in love with the other man that might cause her a lot of upsets.   The worst thing she can do now is to start an affair with a married man.  If she does she will probably end up wishing he would leave his wife,  which he probably will never do.  He might only want to see the married woman so that he can get free casual sex so there might be no point in it for her.  If she is going to have an affair she is better off with a single man.  That way he will have a lot more time to see her and be able to make sure he is available when she is,  and if she decides to leave her husband she has more chance she has someone who is loving and caring wanting to be with her properly.    Many married women end up having an affair with a married man who does not really care about them and then they carry on staying with the husband who bores them because the married man will not leave his wife for them.  This is unfair on her, her husband and the other man’s wife.

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