Married Men Who Fall in Love with Their Girlfriend

May 25, 2010 by Carmel BRULEZ  
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They did not plan it.  They were bored at home and wanted some more fun and excitement.  Maybe marriage itself is to blame as they are more cut out for the single life.  Whatever caused it has led to this,  having a wife at home and a girlfriend he sees in secret and falling in love with the girlfriend.

Now he has a huge problem.  He cannot help but show that he has gone off of his wife,  even if he quite liked her before.  He will be looking for excuses to go out or be on the phone or be elsewhere all the time. He will lose interest in sex.

But if he is a player and he simply is not cut out to be married and gets bored quickly then if he leaves his wife  for the other woman it is not the answer.  It will only be a matter of time before he gets bored with the girlfriend too.  This could go on until he has been with dozens of people and hurt them all one by one.

This guy needs to figure out if he is marrying material and simply married to the wrong person or if he is a single person at heart and it is marriage that is not right for him.  Maybe his wife is not a very nice person or he married her because of a baby or they found they were not compatible, that is fair enough, but he has a responsibility to his wife and his girlfriend, as well as himself, to sort this out.  Their happiness and their future lie in his hands.

Will he be cowardly and try to keep the wife and the girlfriend for as long as possible?  This can only work until the wife finds out or the girlfriend gets sick of it and ends it.

Will he decide that it is not fair to the girlfriend and stay with the wife and end the affair?

Will he leave the wife, even if this means disapproval from many around him, losing his best friend and hurting her,  maybe not seeing the children again, and maybe losing his home.

This depends on the man.  For advice from qualified experts go to  and

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