Marriage: Ties That Bind

March 12, 2012 by waflay  
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Polite question calls for a polite answer, but sometimes it calls for a fight. The following article explains how.

Vows in weddings signify how the hearts of lovers feel about each other, they represent a true feeling in words with a motive of convincing the intended heart to follow suite. This public declaration of love does not mean that much afterwards, what remains is to walk the talk in deeds- commitment to honor your words. Here is the most challenging part. because it needs full time care, patience, love and above all to study and comply to changes in life.

Living with a stranger is very tedious path which can lead to either success or failure. Remember the two of you are connected only by a thin line between hate and love, but because of your feelings and natural magnetic pull, you are connected psychologically, love being at the upper hand in this case. Do not forget, marriage is a pendulum of life, balancing it needs commitment in both sides.

Marriage success is not measured by duration of time the two of you have been together as a married couple, who know if one is straining to make ends meet! Who knows if the two of you are living together only for the sake of children! Rather, success it is measured by feelings for each other per time frame.

People change as time goes, but this changes are just limitation of mortal man. One can pretend to be perfect, but as time goes, real personality starts showing up. Minor changes should not be a stumbling stone in marriage, in fact they should help the married couple to learn more of their partners, know the likes and dislikes in order to avoid squabbles which can derail a good marriage. Well, sometimes polite questions are encouraged to iron out misunderstandings. Polite questions calls for a polite answer, but you should consider the mood of your marriage partner before asking a sensitive question. This is just a precautious measure to avoid arising another problem.

Major changes can be fatal for the marriage, this includes verbal abuse, physical abuse, rudeness etc. People in this category cannot change, the only thing they do is pretend. The only thing they need is undestanding their tember and learning to avoid such like incidents. But its hard to tell when they will erupt- picking up a fight over anything. Anyway, take care.

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