Marriage No Longer Sacred

June 24, 2012 by MagnumOcean  
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The sad fact is, marriage is no longer deemed sacred or valuable. In the eyes of the society, marriage is none other than a piece of paper, and a contract that can be torn up later.

People take marriage so lightly these days, with the option of divorce, it seems like everyone is getting into marriage for the sake of it, for a piece of paper they sign their names on, and having to tear it into half when things ‘apprently are not working out’. Marriage used to be a sacred act of love and commitment to one another, today, it is more like a thrill and fun. A child is usually created when a married couple love each other, and decide to bring a new life into the world, a child created by the couple who are commited and love each other, to create a family out of their love for one another. But again, creating a child is like a game today, with a behaviour that creating a child is merely another pawn at chess. But even the pawns in chess are important players, although in reality, these children whom are born are seen more like a liability.

Causal and random sex are seen as a norm in today’s society. When in the past, women who slept around where considered prostitutes, and men who did it were playboys or immature. Today, women so casually open their legs to any guy who asks, for fun, or because they are single. Men however, have not changed much from sleeping around with many women, except the fact that with the behaviour of most women now, there is no need for a man to pay her for her services. Lucky them. 

The “fantastic” influence of the media has created a whole new culture in society, where by sex and marriage is no longer sacred and important. That a person’s individual need for fun is the ultimate lifestyle, wants and needs of human beings. The influence of the man in the TV has become society’s lifestyle to abid by. No one realizes the power of the media and what it is capable of, and yet, unconsciously, we are all being absorbed and influenced by it. The human culture and way of life has been dictated by the media alone. Where we believe that women are meant to be housewives after marriage, and men are the ultimate rulers of the world. Politicians and government, as using the media to brain wash the society into supporting them, as compared to an opposition party.

Society has become a mess, where films and television are instructing the society how to live, while the news is giving the society bad news on a daily basis, because bad news is good news.

This article, however, being on the topic of marriage, is only but one issue out of many which the society have already been influenced by the media, television, radio and internet. The made-up “fact” that monogamy or being with one person for the rest of your life is not something a lot of younger generations want. One to two generations ago, marriage was still sacred and family was utterly important. Look at our parents, or grandparents, who have spent over thirty years or more together, and have never had the idea of divorce cross their minds. What happened to sacred marriages? What happened to family values? What happened to monogamy without the temptation of having an affair or sleeping around?

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