Marriage Myth in Brazil

April 21, 2013 by lang ling lung  
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They believe, wearing a wedding dress without panties making marriage last.

The myth often appear without logic. Developed into something of a tradition that informed the chain without clear origins.

As in Brazil, some people believe that wearing a wedding dress without underwear when give the oath of allegiance in the church can make a lasting marriage relationship.

Number of people who stuck to the myth that government officials uneasy. Proposed issuance of the rule of law that could force the bride to wear any panties when she got married to resonate.

Ouzos Suzi, a member of the council in the country, claiming an increasing number of women in his hometown, Vila Vela, which is desperate to get married without panties. “They believe this will make their marriages last longer,” he said, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Brazilian Republican politician added that the law should also regulate the dress pieces that are too low in the chest. According to him, this is important as a form of respect for the pastor and the church.

“People can get married in any way they like. But when they entered a place of worship, they must show respect. And, when they were married in a church without underwear, it just means they do not have respect,” he said.

A local pastor, Enoch De Castro, responded positively to the goodwill Suzi. However, he says, making it the rule of law as something ridiculous. “It makes no sense when the rules require a police officers who make sure the briDE did not wear underwear

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