Marriage Before and After (A Laughable But Thinkable)

March 23, 2011 by kushimtiaz  
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           Marriage before and after (A laughable but thinkable)

           Before marriage…

    He: I can’t wait… I will marry soon….

    She: Will you forget me….

    He: Do not ask such questions. I never thought like that…

    She: Are you in love with me

    He: Yes. That is my passion and crush…

    She: Shall you cheat me in future…

    He: Why do you think such ugliest way..

    She: Will you kiss me..

    He: Hm.  Hm.. Whenever I get chances

    She: Will you beat me…

    He: See don’t think like that.. I am not such a person..

   She: Shall I trust you…

    He: Hm.. Hm..


   After marriage… please read from bottom…

Note: I have translated the above information from my region language.

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    He can do everything for her except becoming trustworthy. :-) I guess the original version is very entertaining. Nice post.

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    very interesting indeed! :)

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    Keep it up

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    At first reading I got laugh then I realized the concept.


  16. Quantiline Watt Says:

    Author says mutual understanding is essential between a couple to lead a happy life

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