Man Has Sex with His Own Mother and Impregnates Her

March 5, 2012 by Facevalue  
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The most shocking story I’ve ever heard. Mother falls in love with her own biological son and gets pregnant by her son. Both mother and son have vowed to get married to each other.

What is this world coming to? This is son unimaginable! Are some of us animals? I can’t just bring myself to understand some human beings.

I was totally shocked beyond words can express when I heard of the story I am about to narrate to you, which I’m sure will also shock you to the core. How on earth could a son make love to his own mother and impregnate her? This cannot be true!

Unfortunately it is true and as real as your computer screen.

This shameful incident happened in Zimbabwe late last year.

According to the story, 40-year-old woman named Betty Mbereko and her 23-year-old biological son Farai Mbereko fell in love with each other and have decided to get married since the mother is several months pregnant with her son’s child.

According to local reports, 12 years ago, Betty Mbereko (the mother) got widowed, and having no one to rely on apart from her son, the two developed a very strong bond which after several years eventually led to them falling in love with one another. With that began the sex affairs between mother and son.

Local press have it that the mother who has confirmed to being six months pregnant for her son has decided to marry him as she does not want to get married to her late husband’s younger brother whom the family is insisting she marries.

Betty was summoned before a village court for committing an abomination, and she stunned the entire village saying that since she suffered to raise her son and educate him to the level that he has reached, she felt that no woman had the right to him more than she did.

The chief and elders of the village have vowed that they are not going to let the abominable act to take place. According to the villagers, the mother and son have already committed the biggest abomination on earth by having sex with each other, and there is no way they are going to let them commit a second one by getting married to each other.

The village chief has ordered the mother and son to break off their marriage or leave the village.

PS. As at the time I wrote this article, the mother and son decided they were not going to break off their marriage and have since left the village.

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3 Responses to “Man Has Sex with His Own Mother and Impregnates Her”
  1. zulfikar Says:

    they must have gone to ancient dark ages where brother and sisters used to get married. when mankind got civilized such incidents are rare.

  2. starrleena magic Says:

    guess this world is getting crazier everyday….

  3. Anonimous Says:

    I am sure these things are happend but kept as top secret. I have same experience and I have been in close relationship with my mom for 6 years. She got pregnant when she was 46 but had abortion as she afraid to have baby with helth problems.

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