Making Your Marriage Work

March 1, 2012 by blanka  
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You could be a man or a woman but the same rules – rule – apply both ways.

Marriages break up all the time – it’s like a rule these days, and it is so all over the place that most people simply accept it as a fact of life. Now, some folks are simply afraid to marry because the statistics say that some “over 40% of marriages in the United States end up in divorce” at some point or the other; those who are married are looking over their shoulders, afraid to put all of themselves into it because their spouse could choose to want out and demand ‘half’ at the drop of a shoe; and the next generation doesn’t even want to hear the word anymore, choosing instead to go with the “friends with benefits” rave all over the country at this time; and Divorce lawyers make a killing in the courtrooms and in their dainty little blue-collar firms.

But what went wrong with marriages in America? What went wrong with marriages all over the world?! There was a time when people just loved for the sake of loving, and held nothing back. For some reason, back then in those years, marriages didn’t fail so much or so quickly. Perhaps they understood something that we no longer understand in this day and age; perhaps the had something that we have long lost and are not in a hurry to rediscover.

It could be anybody’s guess, what went wrong with the world and its marriage culture. We coudl talk about it all we want, but it would probably just end up in a discussion of opinions as most things do nowadays… because everybody is so smart and have got an opinion about everything… and they believe everybody else is wrong simply because they don’t see things their way… Oh, wait! Could that be the thing that is wrong with marriages these days? Everybody has an opinion and they aren’t ready to listen to or accept the opinions of others? Could it be why husbands and wives find it so hard to make things work these days – because the husband is unable to see and fully appreciate what the wife is going through, and the wife just does not have the perspective to comprehend what the husband is having to deal with? Could it just be?

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  1. realityspeaks Says:

    Excellent post.

  2. Dj-Virus Says:

    Wow. Do people really still think this deep?

  3. girishpuri Says:

    very nice , keep writing

  4. Ixodoi Says:

    Nice ideas.

  5. blanka Says:

    Thanks, guys. call again.

  6. Show-me Says:

    Interesting read. Thoughtful.

  7. Show-me Says:

    Interesting read. Thoughtful.

  8. Chris Bailie Says:

    Great article and great writing, thank you for sharing.

  9. blanka Says:

    Well thank you! I just wrote my first haiku too, at:
    Do call again.

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