Love Shouldn’t be Blind to Make Marriage an Eye Opener

April 29, 2011 by Lucia B  
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Why would you let love blind you? Marriage shouldn’t be the eye opener. Getting your eyes opened should happen even before marriage. Conjugal union should be the culmination and the result of love.

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You don’t go into marriage without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. Unless you were forced to marry someone, it shouldn’t be such a major negative eye opener. You’re putting the sacrament of marriage into a bad light when you should be looking at it as a blessing of your union (at least for Christians or those who didn’t get a civil wedding only).

“Love is blind and Marriage is an eye opener.” I just learned about this saying today and I found it quite unacceptable. Sure love can blind you, but that’s what family, friends and other people are for. They help you see and realize things. You don’t always have to take their word for it but if everyone is saying the exact same thing about the person you love, don’t you think it’s time to find out why they see him/her that way? Shouldn’t you also ask around and find out what you can find out about the person you love to know more about him/her? Not like you need to be a detective, it’s not like you should be paranoid come on. What you do after learning more about the person should at least be the beginning of your eyes getting opened.

It’s that simple. If you don’t like what you find out, you always have the choice of staying or leaving before you get married. It’s true that most people think they can change someone but in reality, people change for themselves because of the person they love. People don’t change because you tell them to. People change themselves when they want to or when they realize they should or have to. Adults are not children who are still learning the basics of life.

That sentence is something a person regretting marriage would usually say. It’s something someone who never got to know the person they married would say. That’s why there’s courtship or dating and all that so you’d get to know each other. Commitment comes in after everything and then comes marriage.

Sure you’d realize a quirk or two after becoming man and wife but everything you do for the first time is usually an eye opener so I don’t think you should just kind of blame marriage for not being something you imagined or expected it to be.

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If you just got married, you should own up to it. If you’re still married that’s good! You’re taking it in stride and working on it or have already worked on much and are still together and loving each other. If you’re planning to get married you should not let matrimony be the clincher in opening your eyes and realizing how life would be with the person you love.

Get to know each other before you get married. Take the time to reflect on yourself and your relationship with other people. Don’t be blinded by instant gratification. Don’t let marriage be something you’d despise. Make it something you’d appreciate for the rest of your life. 

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