Love and Sex…yes They Can be a Powerful Mix

August 28, 2012 by Mrs Petra Belcher  
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Having sex with someone else will not fix your problems at home. There comes a time when you have to look at you and how your feelings affect the relationship. It takes two to make it work or two to destroy it.

 Let me tell you something this old woman told me  about marriage, She was married for 54 years. I asked her how she did it.  She said that she was always in love with her husband, but  sometimes  she hated his ass.

 She learned something new about him all the time and herself  but no matter what, he was her friend and they talked even if it was something she didn’t  want to hear.

 She said the friendship should last forever.

 If you find someone who wants to uplift you, and support you even the days they don’t want to…that is a real friend. She held my hand tight and said if you meet him, keep him.

That made me do alittle research on this topic. Psychology Today estimates that while 50-70% of men have affairs, 30-60% of women do as well. A separate study published in the New York Times reported that this number is particularly on the rise amidst young women: In new marriages, about 20 percent of men and 15 percent of women under 35 have admitted to cheating. So while infidelity is stereotypically attributed to men, statistics indicate otherwise. What is unclear is the reason behind these rising numbers.

I have realized that there are allot of hurt people out there. Unfortunately before they help themselves, they seek someone else to do it for them. We all know that can not be done.

A person has to find happiness and love inside of themselves. Then and only then can another person ADD to it.

You see a hurt person is still hurting inside. So no matter how good a person treats them they will find fault not only in themselves but the relationship. Nothing will be enough because inside they are screaming out for acceptance and guidance. They want forgiveness but don’t know how to get it for themselves. They haven’t learned to let go of the past. It affects them in ways they can’t understand until they look at themselves.

That is not blaming you for what goes wrong in a relationship. It just holds you accountable for your feelings.

You see if you truly start THINKING differently you can feel differently.

It is real easy to run or walk away from a relationship. But it takes guts and strength to say I deserve to be happy. We deserve to be happy. No more of my past controlling today.

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