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May 31, 2013 by Ruby roy varghese  
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Nature always like opposite to unite.But sometimes this general law get broken,how will we react?

Blue Is The Warmest Color took the top honors with the Palme d’Or, but will gay relationship be fully accepted by our society.Nature always  shows that opposite poles attracts and like poles  repel.But if like poles tend to have an affinity,will natural law get affected in a negative manner?Just imagine,if half the world population  got such a trend of marrying the same gender,we will  soon become an endangered specie.Love if it  has to become,everlasting and substantial has to be natural and it should involve two people of opposite gender.Then growth through reproduction takes place,other wise the union never contribute to growth.When living beings are joined in nonproductive union,it  will never  be contributory or good for the health of society.This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t accept gay marriage as legal,but never tout it as something great.

How do we react to same gender marriage? If we answer the question legally,they have every right to marry or live together,but what will happen in the long run?Since this union is against natural law,then biological reproduction is   out of option for these couples except in case of Lesbians,one partner can  opt as a surrogate mother.The natural marriages  between opposite genders is considered legal,have problems related to relationship and bringing up children,which is often settled with the help of legal courts that deal with normal marriage.When we approve the same gender marriage,we will  have to make legislation to solve the problems arising from such union.When same gender marriage happens,children will be adopted  or born through surrogate mothers,and in that case  what  will be the legal implication on matters relating  with the rights and custody of children, adopted or born under this marriage,in the event of divorce  or separation, related to this type of marriage.In normal marriage,the mother has the right over her infants,but in same gender family,who will treated as the head of the family,how will we decide the legal rights of parents,since both of them belong to the same gender. The common law accept the practices  of marriage between two opposite genders, as legal,  but in gay unions, the marriage is not based on natural instinct but on the hormone function,how will the law deal with the problems arising out of such a legal partnership? What criteria will the law  use to assess the responsibility and duties among these parents in the event of a dispute? So much of complication  arises  in a normal marriage,which is based on trust,faith and normal behavior,then will we able to assess the extent   and degree of complication that will arise on hormone based same gender marriage.How will the legal system handle all these problem and offer solution,when they are overwhelmed with the complex problems,of natural legal marriage.How will we deal with the inheritance,divorce,custody,legal heir ship of a same gender marriage.Let us first learn to deal with the complexities of normal legal marriage,before we burden our legal system with same gender marriage. For the time being we can accept the same gender marriage on a trial basis, but never  advocate for its prominence,because we are not sure about how we will cope with these marriage and their complication, when we face so much legal constraints and difficulties in normal marriage  with its accompanying problem.

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