Lady Gaga, Completely Bare-assed, Gives One Direction’s Zayn Malik The Finger (Photos)

August 26, 2013 by cooldudebuddy  
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What? Lady Gaga’s entire ass is exposed? ONE DIRECTION HARDLY NOTICED!

Lady Gaga, Completely Bare-Assed, Gives One Direction’s Zayn Malik The Finger (PHOTOS)

 Lady Gaga and her ass gave the finger to One Direction's Zayn Malik

What? Lady Gaga’s entire ass is exposed? ONE DIRECTION HARDLY NOTICED!

If for some reason you’re not into following One Direction’s every move (doubtful, but maybe?), then we’ll remind you that Zayn Malik recently got engaged to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards. (Whatever, we say you should still ROCK those ”Future Mrs. Malik” t-shirts, ladiess.) And, while we assume the congratulatory tweets have been flooding in, what is presumably the “Best Song Of The Summer” VMA winners most major mazel moment of the 2013 VMAs? If miraculously you guessed being accosted by chatting with Lady Gaga while she rocks an ass-revealing sea shell bikini and gives him the finger, then you would be ABSOLUTEY CORRECT! In fact, that’s precisely what went down backstage at the 2013 MTV VMA when the “Applause” performer got all up in Zayn’s grill while covering her “no-no” parts with some couture sea shells. Because apparently in some cultures this is how you say “Congrats on your new movie.” Actually, we have no clue what the hell is happening here.

See more photos of Lady Gaga and One Direction at the 2013 MTV VMAs after the jump.

Naturally, the above photo of Gaga and One Direction begs the question: what the eff kind marriage-themed parable was Gaga telling Zayn? Like, “pop star marriages are tough, don’t flirt with Selena Gomez now that she’s single”? Or perhaps “when you find the right one, lock that ish down with a PROPER RING.” She also could’ve been telling Harry Styles to be nice to Taylor Swift when they inevitably bump into each other tonight!

But in all likelihood, Gaga was probably admonishing Zayn for looking at her bum. For the record, we can’t really blame him.

 There, that’s better.

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