Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Will be Married

March 14, 2013 by shinta  
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A newspaper is still a question mark will be the truth, is back from a well-known celebrities from the realm of Hollywood.

Currently, one of the famous musician with the stage action is always quirky and always brings an appearance and actions of the new stage, Lady Gaga is rumored to be soon married to her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney.

Relationship that started with a meeting when Lady Gaga was making a video clip of the song titled “You & I”, seems to be a story of an encounter they will never forget what happened in 2011.

One source quoted by Digitalspy, the singer revealed that the song “Born This Way”, is going to marry Taylor in the near future. However, sources were reluctant to be seen as divulging their secret marriage. Because he thought that he did not divulge a secret.

“From everything I’ve heard, I do not think has been leaking all secrets by saying that they are ready to get married this year. Maybe this summer due to schedule both a little empty, “said the source.

The source also that Gaga and Taylor lovers indeed be an extremely harmonious and complementary deficiencies of each other.

“He told me, Kinney was the only one to Gaga and this is seen when they are together. They were created to complement each other, “said the source.

Teserbut Sources also said that the romance they were getting warm when Gaga had to postpone some concerts due to an incident that requires Gaga rest in a long time. In fact, kedunya also often vacation in Chicago, where her boyfriend Taylor Kinney works wrought.

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