Kanye Seems to be in Love

November 27, 2013 by Jswana  
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If looks tell, his looks do tell…………..

Hometown Chicago Kanye West has never been a huge SMILER.  These days there is tenderness and smiles on his face.  Some folks you can just tell they’re hooked.  Surprise, surprise, it would be with Kim Kardashian.  It’s pretty hard to bash people that in all logic you just don’t know but to be safe, wouldn’t one think that he could be a tad more in love with her than she is with him?

Kanye just seems so grateful to have found her.  Did it ever occur to him that she marks her prey?  Judging from the men that she has dated and married, they all fit the same profile?  Black American, relatively wealthy guys.  This lady does have it easy because they are obviously men that likes and goes overboard for her type.

Love is funny.  When it’s real it can be between any man and woman and to the decent person, there will be understanding about that love.  Kanye makes you feel it for him.  He says that he loves “this girl more than any other girl I’ve ever been with….”     and that she hasn’t loved a female this much since his mother.  When you hear words like this, you automatically want to believe in the two.   You’re hoping that she shares the same feelings.  Does she?    After a man says that when he dies, he wants to spend paradise with a woman, certainly you just hope for the sake of righteousness that she does love him as much.

Hollywood and Entertainment type love these days seem to have expiration dates on them.  That is to say that even the most solid-seeming marriages crumble.  Weren’t you blind-sided by Bruce Willis and Demi-Moore or Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston and the rumor mills about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett  Smith, even Denzel Washington and his wife.  Samuel L. Jackson’s marriage seems solid but what do we know?   Trusting in Beyonce and Jay Z,  you really want to, but the first misgiving to any of these types of relationships is that they are high profiled and you wonder “is this about the money, fame or is it love?”   This time, there is a child in Kanye’s life which could possibly make a difference to their bond.

It’s never been the fact that they are an Interracial couple, but it does matter that again, Kim has marked her prey.  Has anyone seen her lately. She continues to look more similar to Beyonce. Is it a sort of competition here?  Ray J, Kris Humphries and now Kanye.   Looking at how cockeyed, crazy Lamar Odom looks and acts these days after Khloe, you can’t help but wonder if someone is  hoodwinked, again?

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