Jeremy Buys a New Truck!

July 8, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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How does Leah feel about this?

A lot of fans have started attacking Leah because she is just as excited as Jeremy about purchasing a new truck, but she and Corey split because he “wanted a new truck”. But, there were bigger issues in their marriage than the truck. There was cheating, lack of trust and the love between them was just not strong enough to hold on. Corey wanting a truck symbolized his desire to be selfish and put his needs and wants BEFORE Leah and the girl’s. Leah’s cheating with Robbie symbolized her uncertainty of whether or not she and Corey should be married and committed to one another. It’s harsh and there is definitely more to the story than what we seen on tv, but deep down on some level, selfishness, greed and lack of commitment played roles in the demise of their relationship. 

Leah and Jeremy have been married for a year and they welcomed their first daughter together about 3 months ago. Jeremy has a good paying job and he has provided a nice, stable home for his family. Why shouldn’t he be rewarded that he wants or needs? Corey and Leah had so much going on that the truck issue pushed them over the edge and it symbolized everything wrong with their relationship. They deserve to be happy. Leah and Jeremy deserve to live a happy life together if that is what they want. And Corey and Miranda deserve to live a happy life together if that is what they want as well. No matter what either couple decides to do, it can’t always be compared to the life and marriage of Leah and Corey. 

No one but Leah and Corey know what really went on in their relationship and their marriage. Only they know what tore their family apart. We see 1 hour, tv edited clips of their life. How does that give us the right to judge her or him? Leah admitted to cheating and Dawn (Leah’s mother) reveals in an interview that Corey was cheating as well, he just didn’t allow it to be filmed. Teen Mom 2 showed Corey’s distrust in her a  lot, but we never seen any sign of Corey cheating on the show. Leah was portrayed as the “bad guy” in their marriage and that’s what MTV wanted viewers to believe. It’s all about ratings. Both played a role in the divorce and both are to blame for things falling apart. Why is Leah the only one to catch backlash for now living her life and Corey is applauded? 

What do you think about Jeremy buying a new truck? Do you think Leah is wrong for supporting Jeremy’s truck purchase and fighting Corey for wanting a new truck when they were married? Tweet me, Facebook me or Comment me your thoughts!



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