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July 30, 2013 by marina souza  
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When we married, we are faced with the reality that we can no longer freely as before.

Therefore I hope that I have written this article can help to get through a good marriage.

1. love
There will never be a happy marriage if it is not based on love. Love is a gift of God which we must guard. With a sincere love of each pair. Of course we can create a harmonious family. Because happiness can only be obtained in the presence of others. And with love, others will be comfortable staying with us later. This is the most important part in family life.

2. Share
All the things that used to not be able to go over now we can do. There are important things that one needs to keep in the case of households, the share. By sharing all the hardships that we face will be solved together. With nothing else to share the words “I” or “you” but changed to “us”. We can not do everything alone, but with others, we will feel stronger.

3. honesty
This is an important point that we must keep, in the absence of honesty household marriage will not be able to run properly. Without honesty the same way you would put a time bomb, where you and your family live just waiting to explode. Not infrequently a household destroyed simply because there is no honesty in the house.

Hopefully this article can bring many benefits to you, although not so good but at least by sharing experiences we can learn from each other.

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