If Only I Had a Time Machine..

July 14, 2011 by Livinlifeoutloud  
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If you had a Time Machine, what would you change about your life? A little article of wishful thinking.

     Who would want to maybe try out a time machine at least once? What things would you change? I know there are probably a zillion changes I’d love to make, mostly bad decisions made that caused grief in my life. Then there were the totally stupid things I decided to do or not do. Either way, the stupid things haunt the worst sometimes.

     From my younger days: My decision not to push for going to college and studying journalism was a bad one. If I had maybe my blogs would be much better and I could publish that children’s book I wrote long ago. Then there was the time I sat in front of a friends sunlamp for too long and sunburned my face severely. How stupid was that? I would have skipped over those days of skipping school Senior year to run off with my friends and drink cheap strawberry wine, hanging out on the banks of the Mississippi River in the sun all day, just to go home and throw my guts up later. ‘Listening’ would have been a great skill and not something I despised when it came to my elders. I would not have been that trouble maker wild child that could have cared less what people thought. Paying attention and planning my future would have been on my agenda, not just planning my weekend out with friends to party. Saving all of the money I made from the age of fourteen on working in babysitting or early jobs would have been a good thing. I would of course keep my kids. Even though they make me nuts at times, they are the best mistakes I ever made and I love them dearly. At least I did graduate.

During my twenties & thirties: Life was crazy. I was raising two children and the persons I was married to or involved with during those decades were not my ‘match’. Life was often difficult emotionally, financially and professionally. So many decisions went wrong during this time. The time machine would go into overload shuffling me around this time period fixing things.

In the Forties box: I started off on the wrong foot, with the wrong person. Now in my mid-forties have I finally found the true man of my dreams whom I married,  a six pack of kids, the career I love, I financed my own first vehicle and we just bought our first home. My life is half over and it just now seems to be getting in line with the universe. I have never been happier and life is good. I guess sometimes you have to experience some rough times in life to better appreciate it when all of the good things start to happen.

     I look now and see how my kids have grown and given me beautiful grandchildren to play with and spoil. I now have even more beautiful children and will someday be blessed with even more grandchildren. Good thing I love big family gatherings huh? I have a husband that is my best friend, my greatest love and my rock when I need him. My true ‘match’. We will soon have the home of our dreams and lay out plans for the rest of our future together. Why Fate has waited so long to give me the ‘happily ever after’ ending is beyond me, but hey I’ll sure accept it now and I’m thrilled to be here!

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5 Responses to “If Only I Had a Time Machine..”
  1. Smooshx Says:

    Great article and really touching! (:

  2. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    I often wonder if we had the chance to do it all again would we do it differently or make the same mistakes. Nice to see you sharing your thoughts.

  3. bradfordvillamar Says:

    two thumbs up for this interesting article… people would love to undo things which caused grief and tribulations in the lives of others… time machine, where can i find u? THANKS for sharing!!!

  4. Joe Ram Says:

    nice share.

  5. Livinlifeoutloud Says:

    A special thanks to all of you. Your support means a lot to the ‘newbie’ for sure!

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