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April 21, 2013 by lang ling lung  
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To know the character of sexual partner, you may notice personality.

A series of questions about whether I was fit with a partner before marriage usually spontaneous sliding. Not only about the suitability of character, the question of sexual compatibility was certainly present in the mind.

The questions related to chemistry. And, you may be asking, “If the chemistry is missing, whether it be a bad sign a marriage relationship?”

Unlike in the film, the actors have to find chemistry with the opposite in an instant. To keep the chemistry in a marriage to survive, you have to go through a process to harmonize the differences. Starting from nature to sexual character.

To feel comfortable with a partner in the sexual life, the main thing you should do is make yourself comfortable with. Must be confident with your body you have, so they can share with a partner’s sexual arousal.

In addition, you should consider the experience that determines the sexual character of the pair. To know the character of sexual partner, you may notice his personality, as quoted Gal time.
Romantic Men

If you include the type of romantic partner, do not be surprised if you’ll always be spoiled with attention. Not just a concern in their daily activities, but also when stepping into the activity in the bedroom. Only, romantic type of man tends to not try the varied sexual style. If you are comfortable with one style, they would be monotonous to the style.
Conservative men

Unlike the romantic kind of guy. Although impressed rigid, conservative kind of guy turned out to be “ferocious” in bed. They will always try a variety of ways to make their partner feel comfortable. They tend to be eager to win the sexual games that happen.
Adventurous men

Similar to the type of conservative man, a man who likes challenges and new things are also happy to try new styles that married life is not boring.

Despite the sexual character of your spouse, one important thing to remember is sexual compatibility requires a process. Sexual compatibility does not come without effort from both sides. You and your spouse should take the time to exciting intimate life. And, do not hesitate to communicate any problems that arise in connexion

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