How to Throw a Karaoke Party 4 Great Ideas to Help You Out

September 27, 2013 by Joseph Barrett  
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How to Throw a Karaoke Party: four Great Ideas to Help You Out.

Karaoke, a musical game started in Japan, has now spread across the globe as an entertainment sensation. You can host Karaoke parties at your place, but, you would certainly need some help to make it a successful event.

The concept of you and your friends, family humming and singing in one another’s company is sounds cool to say the least. Here are some key points that you need to know, before hosting a party. The main focus is taking the centre stage or limelight to sing your favorite song. The guests are too vital as the theme is aimed at them. 

Choosing the Venue

Decide where you want to throw a party: at your home or some other location; if you’re running short of money, you can book at karaoke restaurant or bar, where people have to pay for their own drinks and snacks. If you can afford to book a private room, do it. It is actually fun to have your own space, so that your circle of friends can go ahead to stage and sing a song, instead of waiting for other people’s turn to get over. If you’ve decided to host a party in your home, then you’ve to buy/rent the necessary instruments.

Choosing an Enticing Theme

Plan the theme of the party and make guests thinking about what lyrics they are supposed to sing before they turn up. You can choose old 70s or 80s era, though it is a little bit kitsch, it can be fun to sing those originals. Gangster or country hip hop musical theme is yet another option.

You can also keep American Idol style, letting everyone display their hidden talent. Create a fun, relaxed theme that goes with ambiance, and choose costumes that complement the theme, such as flashy accessories, hair metal, ostentatious hats, etc. In this way, you can have a blast.

The themed parties allow people to enjoy the celebration all the more.

Song List and Musical Equipment

Decorate the space in true karaoke style, placing quality instruments and creating hang spotlight or stage. Props, boas, robes, hats, etc can add flare. Include a karaoke machine, no matter you rent it or buy, its presence is important. You can probably choose San Antonio Karaoke Rentals, where you get several options and machines, equipped with modern technology.

You can place lightweight microphone stand or bigger one for those who want to feel like a rock star when they perform! If you do not want guests to waste time on choosing songs, you can create your own list and ask them to choose their favorite tune from that. Ensure that everyone gets a chance to come to stage, and sing something.

You can opt for disco lights or boom-boxes, or latest iKaraoke (works with iPod). Choose something that fits your budget and suits party environment. If you’ve purchased some musical machine, know how to use the same. If taken for rent, ensure that technicians are around, so that things could be fixed quickly, in case something goes wrong.

Pre-Order Snacks and Drinks

You can keep the menu simple enough with snacks, like mini hamburgers, popcorn, chips, salted nuts, crackers and drinks or alcohols, so that people don’t feel heavy to perform at parties. This gives a good way to socialize than to sit down and simply munch large meals.

Special effects, such as fogs, spotlights, and disco balls can increase the fun element. If you’re hosting the party, consider attending each and every guest, so that they can perform without feeling shy. 

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