How to Have a Good Marriage

July 12, 2013 by hayakhan  
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Marriage, like life, is a process and, as such, is constantly changing. We can not stop it or structure it rigidly, because is happening: things happen all the time.

Certainly, the reality conditions, but we determined: we who have always the possibility to decide what to do and what paths we will take every moment. With marriage is the same.

How do I know if I have a good marriage?
Depend on the characteristics of you two, their stories, their personalities, their decisions, the time that they will live and how they adapt to it. But we can generalize in some points:
1. Having a good DATING: It is time to know yourself well and that. We may be changing but basically, we will be the same. It is essential to have principles, ideals and common desires and dump into a common project: what kind of family we want, how we achieve it, will we have children?, How we educate, how we manage the issue of money and work? Know and accept the future in-laws: is included in the combo!

Two. Having a proper MATURITY level to make the decision.

Three. Getting married because you LOVE and want to be with that person for life, and not “because we” or “to” have a child. The child is the result of love and reason together.

Four. RESPECT the other; admire; OK differences, knowing that we will not change, nor do we have a right to. We all love that we want as we are. So perhaps we can change some things.

Five. Be good FRIENDS: to trust each other and be, in turn, reliable.

Six. Being Faithful: fidelity often difficult. But it is proven that is what hurts most and hardest climb: it breaks the very essence of marriage.

Seven. COMMUNICATION Learn techniques that help us relate better. Men and women have bodies, psychologies and different ways of approaching life: it is important to know them for greater understanding.

Eight. PATIENCE: human relationships are forged and strengthened over time: no computer or technology that rush, no compression is applied already. Function as the cycles of nature: plant, water, wait, take fertilizer, pruning and being pruned, watered, wait, wait. Only then can we harvest and then replant …

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