How Long Can You Live Without Telling a Lover You’ve Cheated?

September 20, 2012 by Jswana  
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So you’ve gone and done this thing and now your conscious is chiseling away at you……..oh woe is me…….

So you’ve cheated on your Spouse or the one that you love.  The Cheater can happen to a man, or a woman.  She could have fell for her Herculean Landscaper and he could have seen  a distressingly beautiful Damsel in or around the office.   Then you do what you know you will regret later on and if you had to analyze it, you would come to no other conclusion other than that you want this for this moment, more than anything else.  So you give in.  You cheat on the one person you love and trust the most!

So far, you’re doing alright with the lie but at night, something tugs on your heart strings and whispers that you have done what is wrong, not only to your beloved, but you have betrayed yourself.  One thing is clear in your mind: you have no plans on ever doing that again, as the pearls of sweat meet between your brows.  But that doesn’t conclude your thoughts.  You have shared every single thing with your beloved – well for the most part.  This is significant, the type of thing you would share with your friend and since your love is your best friend, you’re out in the Cold Buddy, or Betsy! 

A.)  What do you do?  Well, according to a Clergyman, he said that if there is a secret that will hurt the person too badly if revealed, keep it to yourself.   Some things have to be prayed over and released.

B.)  Another ordinary person says: “Well, it depends on how long you can live with the lie”?  (This is absolutely of no value because you’re on the brink already)

c.)  And yet another person says that you should confess in case the person you cheated with appears and reveals you!  This is no laughing matter whatsoever.  This will certainly bring anyone close to delirium!

Well, this really does depend on you and the person you love.  It has a lot to do with unloading and feeling free by Confession.  At the same time, what is this Confession going to do to this person’s Psyche.  Sometimes unloading is actually the most selfish act.  You could be posing a new threat on your lover’s trust in you which in return will actually affect you both over time.  

At the same time, when you cannot live with your past infidelity, it just may show and cause a strain.  If you want to be forgiven because you truly are sorry and won’t do it again, it’s also worth a chance to share it with the person that you love.  It may do some good and many times will, but be sure that you approach it with an open heart, wanting true forgiveness.

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11 Responses to “How Long Can You Live Without Telling a Lover You’ve Cheated?”
  1. mishee Says:

    Nice share.

  2. FastWriter680 Says:

    beautiful article writing.

  3. Wrath Warbone Says:

    Don’t say a thing.

  4. Jayraldshar Says:

    One way or another they will find out it hurts more that way so the earlier yu tell the better. Thanks for sharing

  5. Secre22 Says:

    I’ve never cheated but I kissed another guy when drunk once…I spent 3 months feeling insanely guilty over it before fessing up. My boyfriend said I already knew. “How!?” “It was written all over you. I just didn’t know how far it had gone. I also knew you were still mine because of how messed up it was making you.”

  6. hast Says:

    An hour…perhaps o_O

  7. elee Says:

    Thanks a lot for this ;)

  8. Rose that grew from concrete Says:

    The truth always comes out, and our curiosity towards other people its hard to resist temptation but in the end our love with our husbands/wifes or relationship can end ruined all for the sake of our sexual desires for other people.

  9. Rose that grew from concrete Says:

    great share too by the way . Thank you

  10. Kai Vicky Says:

    I confess that even I had the feelings of cheating sometimes. “Who’s gonna see me? She won’t even come to know, and I’ll enjoy the moment.” But then, reality is this that I just won’t be able to look at myself if I betray my love, a girl who loves me a lot and I betrayed her just for a momentary pleasure. No, I would rather resist my emotions but never cheat.

  11. youwho Says:

    Best of luck on your secret.

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