Hope Springs Eternal

August 12, 2012 by Tulan  
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This is a movie you must see. Tommy Lee Jones and Maryl Streep are amazingly talented actors and to see them together is a delight. It’s something quiet different from the usual movies we see them in. It’s a wonderful comedy that you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Maryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones are a couple in a long time marriage that has stagnated and is dull as dirt. The wife, Kay, is disappointed that she has no sexual relationship with her husband. Their kids have grown up and are out of the home on their own. Kay and husband Arnold, haven’t even slept in the same bed for years. The expressions on their faces and body language makes the movie a standout success.

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The couple seek marriage counseling with a straight faced counselor Bernie, played by Steve Carell,  who tells them to make their complaints and worries descriptive.  And talk about descriptive, they really are.  Arnold is on the defense and funny as he makes excuses for his failure as a husband. The expressions on Kay’s face are hilarious as they talk about the most intimate details of their marriage. Arnolds “We’re not 22 anymore, we’ve been married 31 years, seems to be his answer to everything. Kay’s reply is “I want a real marriage.”

Everyone will remember Maryl Streep from “The Devil Wears Prada” and for me,  I will always remember Tommy Lee Jones from “Coal Miners Daughter and “Lonesome Dove” He is my favorite male actor. 

The couple are funny as they try to follow the counselors advice by trying out sexual fantasies and shopping for sex toys and books that describe different sexual techniques.. Kay lights up like a Christmas tree at every attention Arnold gives her. Arnold on his part is fearful and defensive. Something we have never seen in Tommy Lee Jones before. He’s always the tough guy on top of his game in his former movie roles..

Hope Springs Eternal is rated P-13 due to the sexual content, it’s a light hearted comedy that everyone can relax and enjoy. If you miss this one, you’ve missed one of the better comedies of the year.

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8 Responses to “Hope Springs Eternal”
  1. stevetheblogger Says:

    What a great review Tommy Lee Jones one of the best.
    Best Wishes

  2. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Very good review. I might see it even though I do not watch movies on a regular basis as I have a hard time sitting still durng a movie. I have problems with TV and have to be either writing or reading. (I have learned to listen to things and understand what I read at the same time.)

  3. Margaret Boseroy Says:

    Great review.

  4. Martin Kloess Says:

    Well written. Thank you.

  5. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Tulan, I love comedies and this sounds like a great one. Streep and Jones are the best. Thanks for the review. I go to very few movies but I’ll be on the lookout for this one.

  6. elee Says:

    Well written. Thank you.

  7. Shirley Shuler Says:

    Wonderful review Tulan.

  8. PR Mace Says:

    Thanks for the review. I want to see this movie.

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