Honestly Marriage

July 29, 2013 by fbmania  
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Honestly marriage.

A form of marriage that is done by providing honest. By the men to the women, as a symbol of his wife he decides kinship with parents, relatives, and fellowship. Payments made ​​by marriage “honest” from the man to the woman. With the receipt of money or goods honestly, it means that after marriage the woman would turn his position into membership husband’s relatives. The woman bind themselves to an agreement to participate in the husband, both personal and property taken will be subject to customary law husband, unless otherwise indicated. After his wife is in the hands of the husband, the wife in all legal actions must be based on consent on behalf of the husband or the husband or the relative of the husband’s consent. A wife must not act alone because he is the husband maid in regulating domestic life, both in kinship and community relations.

Husband Crèche (Photo credit: dullhunk)

Husbands vs. Robots (Photo credit: jeredb)

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