Hey Dude, Have You Shown Your Wife You Love Her Lately? No, Not with Money

July 28, 2013 by Gary Davis  
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You just don’t get it. Your as bad as me. Read this and get to work!

My wife has a lot to do with how I’m feeling day to day. Her attitudes about my work; my successes or failures, means a lot to me.

It is very important for me to have my wife’s respect. I have been honest in our relationship, so, if my wife doesn’t reciprocate by acknowledging that fact, I feel short-changed. Really, though, the main reason I want her respect6, is that it impacts how I see myself; she is so important to me I place a lot of weight on her opinion of me.

It is important that my wife have confidence in me. Every decision in life can’t be a “slam-dunk”. There are going to be times when a particular decision might be somewhat risky. There is a saying “I don’t know people who can always make the right decision, but, I do know people who can make a decision and make it right”; that is how I want my wife to see me; as someone who will work as hard as possible to complete a task. I want her to be the first one (and only one if necessary) to believe in me.

I want my wife to trust me. There are times in life when a spouse can’t be monitored. I want my wife to have the same type of comfort level whether I’m out of town on business or at home in the living room.

I love it when my wife makes me feel like there is not another man in this World who could be or do for her what I do. She makes me feel very special; very unique.

When my wife talks to our children in respectful and loving terms about me, it warms my heart.

My wife is quick to forgive when I make a mistake. Once a problem has been discussed and solved, it’s over.

When my wife is running late, say from having coffee with her mom, and, calls to say she doesn’t want me to worry. That makes me feel loved.

My wife does so much for me every day and it is so normal, I have trouble identifying specifics. Perhaps that in and of itself is something wonderful she does. All of the wonderful things she does seem effortless; that says she cares enough for me to want me to feel special. She makes me totally happy, I don’t always know why.

The way my wife loves our children, makes me feel loved. Her commitment to them and the way she has cared for them over the years is a way of loving me.

Her spiritual walk; the fact that she is not too proud to humble herself and open her heart and mind to greater things than what is the obvious gives me a great deal of respect for her.

She never uses sex as a weapon.

Basically, my wife’s honesty, trustworthiness, respect, and, confidence in me, along with exhibiting that herself sums up a lot of my contentment. Her attributes in our day to day life complete my happiness

Perhaps the last trait that I want to see from my wife is to see contentment. If she is content, that is showing me that I’m doing a good job

All of the things I have mentioned my wife fulfills. She is the reason that I love marriage so much.

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