He’s Probably Cheating on You If…

August 5, 2013 by Kesha Caldwell  
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Most women have NO idea who they’re sleeping next too. If you’re already in a relationship, and you suspect he’s watering the grass on the other side, instead of keeping up the yard work at home. Then continue reading.

If you are reading this article…you’re probably being cheated on. I know, I didn’t waste any time getting right to the point.  But your intuition brought you here, I’m guessing…right?  Unless you’re sitting on the edge of your bed with her underwear in your hand, his cellphones text messages, with a video of his infidelity playing on your television, and today was the lucky day you cracked his FACEBOOK password, and you’re screaming, WHYYYYYY, With proof…  Then I guessed right! You’re here because of that gut feeling, and it’s eating at you to want those answers. I understand! I am an expert in this field (not bragging). But if you have to Google things like, “Signs of A Cheating Man”, or any other “help me” sites, then something is definitely wrong.  So let’s get to it.  Here are some signs that I’ve experienced personally. 

Scratches on the back- Really!? Yes…really. Ask him about it. Hun…What happened? The response I got was always…I was scratching my back; I must have scratched to hard…or from his lunch bag? I guess the strap leave “nail like scratches” Lie detector determined…That was a lie! 

Condoms have a very strong scent-   If you two don’t use protection and he comes home and he smells like a condom.  Dead Giveaway! I’ve also experienced this first hand.  We had a little “separation” one time and he came over and tried to get fresh with me, and when the clothes came off…you get where I’m going. 

His cellphone- Is he texting late at night or laying the cellphone face-down, taking it to the bathroom. Come on, you’re not fooling anyone with those moves

 Coming home and jumping in the shower- This one needs no explaining. If he’s isn’t working why the rush?

His Appearance- Wow! He’s starting to care about his appearance again.  He’s trying to look good for his new lover.  This also includes the sudden spa treatment he gave his genitals. Shaving the down there hair, or some of that chest hair, and buying new underwear. 

He starts arguments with you for NOTHING!- This is the biggest one.  I hated this when it was happening to me. I never knew when it was coming, but I started to suspect why. They have to start arguments with you, so they won’t feel bad about cheating on you.  It will be part of his excuse if you catch him.  Well you were acting like this, and I couldn’t take it so I cheated.  Sorry…No excuse to put your partner through this. 

He accuses you of cheating- Another big sign to look out for.  This one needs no explaining, especially if you’re not cheating. He’s cheating, so he’s probably thinking you are too.

Funerals- Are the people in his family dropping like flies?  Now I know you’re thinking, huh? People are dying you insensitive B****.  He seriously would tell me he was going out of town to different relative funerals, so he could be gone for days at a time.  Maybe every other month or so some ancestor was passing away in another state that I’ve never met! It was never anyone close. 

Dreams- (Miss Cleo voice) the cards don’t lie!  I don’t know about you, but I would have lots of dreams of his infidelity.  Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  

How’s your sex life? It’s probably non-existent if he’s sleeping around.  But most men will still try to keep up appearance by still trying to make love to you.  Did you catch that? “Trying”.  If he can’t get it up, it’s probably because he already has. It’s not you…it’s him! Has he made up an excuse to you yet?  I think I have a man “dysfunction”.  Um-mm…You’re 12.  So kidding! He’s cheating. 

I hope I helped in some way! Sometimes it’s nice to be able to relate to other people.  Hopefully, I have some information that other sites might have missed.   Stay tuned for more on this topic! Comment and let me know of some weird behaviors you saw in your cheating partner, and I can reconstruct my list to help other women who want to know the signs.  

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