He Asked: Will Not Accept Lover Virgin?

July 13, 2013 by augustus99  
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This article contains the statement male lover Will Not Receive Virgin?


Although modern times have, the debate about virginity can not just disappear. Many women who have no status as a virgin, either by choice or because of something later regret, in the hearts still wondering how her future husband think if he knew he had been intimate.

On average men’s wives crave virgin, but there are also men who want the girl had not experienced so much in the first night bengongnya. To be honest, I also crave virgin wife.

Hmmm, still a virgin if you can. But if it was already, maybe I will consider first

Who should come first in a relationship is to accept its shortcomings and appreciate its advantages. I’m not a perfect person, really. And most importantly, I live to be his future, not his past

Very important, because if one is not a virgin anymore, the couple had acted unfairly so, according to me. And not something that “wow” again when the first time they had sex later.

I do not care. It does not matter, actually, virgin or not. But there are guys who do not want girls who’ve been together a lot of guys. So long as she is still a girl all right, yeah why not.

Not important. If asked, all men would choose a life partner who is still a virgin. But for me does not matter, because I was not perfect.

It is probably still a sensitive topic in eastern cultures such as in Indonesia. First virginity is the primary measure to marry a woman. This time, instead of virginity is not important, but if a woman has decided to take her virginity before marriage, we should appreciate it. They must have a reason why they did it, just as many men who have sex before marriage. In this case, we can not blame her 100 percent, but if it does we love him, meaning we thank him for what it is with the past, nature, and habits that she has. So it is not the primary measure of virginity.

For me it does not matter, because we are married it is not physical, but overall that is in him.

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