Have A Fling to Spice Up Your Marriage

November 22, 2010 by Jimmy Shilaho  
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Your marriage is on its deathbed. You seem to have no solution to the incessant coldness that keeps creeping in between you and your spouse. The last time you had sex was on Christmas day, last year but one. What should you do? Have that office fling and spice up your marriage!

Marriage is not about love

Marriage is rarely about love. Those who have been married for a long time will attest to this. They know that love disappears as soon as the vows are uttered to be replaced by friendship and commitment. Those who yearn for the fire that was there in the beginning only end up more frustrated with time and the desire to cheat on their spouses always looms above their heads like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

Time to have an office fling

What should you do when love dries on the domestic front? Have an office fling of course. See that friendly secretary that smiles at you every time you cross the door? See that man who always finds a reason to brush your arm as if by accident? That is where you should try your lack. Hit it off and have that one night stand, and it doesn’t have to be at night. Offices have blinders and even if they didn’t there is always a reason to work late or go for an urgent trip out of time. Have that office affair that will make you regret.

That one night stand may spice up your marriage

There is every reason to believe that having that fling, that one night stand will spice up your dull marriage. Why on earth would it spice up your marriage? Because of one important reason. The moment you partake of the forbidden fruit, things will never be the same again, once you cheat on him or her, things might never go back to how they were before the fling.

Guilt has the power to move you closer to your spouse

It is not about the possibility of irreparable damage an affair presents, it is not about what you stand to lose in the process, and it is about the guilt you feel afterwards. That guilt alone has the power to move you closer to your spouse; it is enough to make you realize how better by far they are when compared to the spouse you so much neglected.

Not everyone should try a fling

Can anyone use this shock therapy into spicing up their marriage? No, not everyone can have a fling to spice up his or her cold marriage. Flings are not for pathological liars who have no reason to cheat but end up seeking prostitutes day and night, flings are not for sex addicts who have no reason to cheat, they are for those who respect the institution of marriage itself, they are for those who still have love for their spouses but can no longer feel it, they are for those who want some adventure in their otherwise dull marriages. Should you have a fling to spice up your marriage? Share your thoughts.

Disclaimer: This writer is a happily married man that does not condone any form of cheating.

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20 Responses to “Have A Fling to Spice Up Your Marriage”
  1. ashan1614 Says:

    Interesting take on things once again, Jimmy. Sometimes a little guilt goes a long way, but how long will the fix last before the spouses grow apart once more?

  2. yes me Says:

    Well, I have a business, and my other half is my sexretary so that puts the skids on it for me he he

  3. LoveDoctor Says:

    And when the lust dies between you and the office secretary and that same person who brought you joy and provided you with an escape from your marriage starts acting needy and demanding, you will run back to your wife and realize that she wasn’t so bad after all. I have to disagree with you. Marriage is about love. It might not be about love for those people who just get married with whomever for the sake of getting married. Why jeopardize your marriage for a fling. It’s not worth it! Just try to work on your marriage, seek counseling and if all else fails, divorce is always an option. the love doctor has spoken.

  4. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Cheers Matt. Love doc, marriage is a different cup of tea. Wait till you try it.

  5. albert1jemi Says:

    good share

  6. Karen Gross Says:

    Well…that was…different…You sort of think cheating might help, but then again it could do irreparable damage, and guilt is the gift that keeps on giving.

    I think that just thinking about the possible consequence and ramifications is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. Besides – I work at home.

  7. sloshyd Says:

    This is a load of crap and I just hope you don’t convince someone to cheat on their partner, because it will do anything but bring you closer to them. You have been watching too many movies. I’m removing you from my friends list if this is the type of advice you are happy to put to your name!!

  8. Brenda Nelson Says:

    I knew a girl who never cheated, one day she was diagnosed with AIDS, her husband had cheated, she died.. he is still alive.

    if you want spice in your marriage, go to the grocery store and pick up some cinnamon and cloves.

  9. OhSugar Says:

    Well, I am all for spicing up the marriage. However, I think there are better and safer ways to do that other than having a affair in any form. Interesting piece.

  10. Ruby Hawk Says:

    LOL, Jimmie you continue to amaze me. I would say, absolutely not, unless you want to find yourself in divorce court.

  11. Jerry Bradford aka Jerry Atrixx Says:

    Jimmy, I categorically and emphatically disagree with. I am left actually wondering if you were employing sarcasm as satire here?

    If I weer to comment on the structure of the article I would of course say job well done. However I cannot offer that accolade for the content.

  12. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    An excellent share, Silaho. I agree with lovedoc.

  13. Party Animal Says:

    Its all in the mind… You need to be married in the mind to be able to feel the spark…Marriage of bodies don’t create a marriage, its a shortlived thing.Marriage of the mind creates endurance that lasts forever and the marriage of the body will automatically follow. Are you married by mind or just body???

  14. Starpisces Says:

    I think you don’t mean this way, you definitely won’t encourage people to cheat their spouses, you are just giving some examples, am I right? I think most people will want to avoid instead of creating opportunities to cheat, and for those already done, will think of ways to cover the guilt feeling by being closer to their spouses, something like that is it?

  15. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Hahahaha, Star, I wanted to smoke people out of their holes.

  16. ladym33 Says:

    Well it could either spice up the marriage or completely kill it.

    I think a nice vacation alone somewhere romantic always stirs up those romantic fires in a couple. I would try that first. Anything that shakes up the normal day to day routine.

  17. LCM Linda Says:

    I’m glad that browsing problem for Beyondjane disappear today. Therefore, I am able to see this interesting article. You always write in different angles to make readers think. If “Marriage is not about love,” that will be too sad. I will say: “Marriage is not all about love”. When the love is not dominant, any bad things may happen and if it really happens, to have love in a marriage is made more difficult, not worthy of doing so. Hence, a married person should be very careful to what he / she is doing. Thanks for sharing.

  18. SchoolMarm Says:

    Cheating never works — if your marriage is so pathetic that you have to “fight to stay together’” then the marriage needs to end. Time to stop messing around with people, lick your wounds, be alone, be real, and try again. Not easy, but it’s better than living behind a facade and becoming fat and sick. Yes, I’m talking to you.

  19. Temjen Imchen Says:

    Jimmy, I am not endorsing your views this time. I think as other readers have commented there is other means of keeping things on the move. Otherwise, you have done well from literary point of view.

  20. Raj the Tora Says:

    nice information, but I would say a decent flirt without getting physical is enough to keep the hot stuff. Infidelity is not nice, no matter how right the reasons may appear :)

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