Good News for Your Marriage

May 7, 2012 by blanka  
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Something you probably never saw…

The Gloomy News

The world is going to $#!t and most everybody knows it. It’s a pain that everyone sees and wishes they could do something about… although many who get the chance really only end up making things worse much of the time.

The world is going to $#!t and it isn’t hard to see; and one of the worst hit parts – perhaps, THE worst hit part of life – is marriage. Marriages all over the world are a mess to behold from certain perspectives, and it makes many people not want to get married at all. Funny, because people not getting married at all doesn’t mean people arent’ having sex at all – it’s about as natural as breathing because the hormones in our body just won’t go to sleep simply because we say we don’t want a woman in our lives to complicate things, or we don’t want a man in there telling us what to do. So, we keep having sex, and we are bound to cough up more than a few babies.

With birth rates around the world expected to top 150 million newborns in 2012, and marriage rates still dropping in many parts of the world – especially in the developed and industrialized world – one can only imagine how many babies are being born to be raised by single parents.

It’s not news – no child is meant to be raised by one parent: the child simply don’t get balanced! When there ain’t no ‘Mummy’ to show the child love, he grows up twisted; when there ain’t no Daddy to teach and instill discipline, he grows up even more twisted. As a result, the society ends up with thousands and thousands of human beings who ain’t balanced, who are twisted in their ways and in their thinking, and who can’t help themselves or keep their hands from doing evil. We got girls raised by daddies only, acting like their dudes; we got guys raised by daddies only acting like girls ain’t $#!t; we got girls raised by mummies only, acting like boys ain’t worth the trouble; and of course, we got guys raised by mummies only ending up being gay – yep, I said it: that’s how gays are made!

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2 Responses to “Good News for Your Marriage”
  1. LCM Linda Says:

    Seeing so many divorces and terrible (loveless) marriages, some people will fear marriage. I like the positive attitude you have on marriage and hope it spreads so that people will also see the good side rather than just the bad side. It’s sad to see people miss the opportunity to get married and have happiness.

  2. blanka Says:

    Wow, LCM. Thank you for taking the time to read my ‘tirade.’ And your words are deep as well. Do call again.

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